US Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nielsen 'leaving her position', says President Trump

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Democratic lawmakers are concerned Donald Trump will replace outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen with an immigration hard-liner, but the White House has yet to clearly explain what the president wants her successor to do differently.

But what Trump doesn't tell you about there in those tweets making the announcement about Nielsen is that, if journalists who know the immigration beat are correct on this, he may be trying to position himself even further to the right, where he'd like to do some REALLY bad stuff. As the Times noted, "the president called Ms. Nielsen at home early in the mornings to demand that she take action to stop migrants from entering the country, including doing things that were clearly illegal, such as blocking all migrants from seeking asylum". They said Trump is also considering separating migrant families at the border again, resuming a practice that drew much outrage past year. The expanded policy wouldn't just separate the families of undocumented immigrants, but legal asylum seekers as well.

"When even the most radical voices in the administration aren't radical enough for President Trump", said Sen. "Get ready for secretary of homeland security: Pennywise". Nielsen says she continues to support the president's goal of securing the border in her first public remarks since her surprise resignation. That's been his job since day one, though in recent days there's been a renewed spotlight on the role he plays in Trump's war on immigration.

Trump doesn't escape Noah's sharp wrath, either, turning his satirical fire on the president and his obsession with appearances versus reality: "If anything, this is a great lesson for the migrants because it's not your story or your life that President Trump cares about". It is unclear, however, if he will have much more of an effect on issues at the border.

"Ron is a good man, but we're going in a tougher direction", Trump told reporters Friday. She moved to abandon long-standing regulations that dictate how long children are allowed to be held in immigration detention and was working to find space to detain all families who cross the border.

Alles has been asked to leave on Monday, a number of U.S. mainstream media outlets reported citing anonymous administration officials.

Alles learned from the White House that he would be part of a mass overhaul of DHS leadership a few weeks ago. "But ultimately she implemented them, whether she did it quickly or slowly", he said. That's because Trump's policy mandated criminal prosecution of each migrant who entered the US illegally.

"I don't think anything is like what we've seen today under the current administration", said Jay Ahern, whose more than three decades in federal service included CBP's head of the Office of Field Operations during the George W. Bush administration and acting CBP commissioner during the Obama administration.