PlayStation 4 owners, you can finally change your online ID

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Sony has taken to the PlayStation Blog to reveal that PS4 owners can finally change their PSN ID starting tomorrow, which is an extension of the beta preview program previous year.

The name change only works with PS4 games published after April 1, 2018.

Enter new Online ID or choose one of the suggestions.

The first change will be free, but subsequent name alterations will cost £7.99 each time, or £3.99 for members of PlayStation's paid-for "Plus" service - you'll still want to be slightly careful when choosing your replacement name. You will also have the option to revert back to any of your old IDs you've previously created. Changing your name back to its original ID is also free and no one else can claim it.

All PS4 users with non-child accounts can change their ID, either through the PS4 or a web browser.

Notably, new names will only show up in PlayStation games published in April 2018 or afterwards, due to a system-level change enabling the new feature.

KitGuru Says: I am in the market to change my Online ID, provided that Sony will allow my chosen moniker this time around.

Will you change your ID? We've all had them, right?

The good news is that Sony has revealed that the name change will be free the first time. The games on this list may reset your game progress, including any record of in-game currency you may have purchased with real money. The old name will be displayed for 30 days.

According to Sony, a large majority of the "most-played PS4 games" tested support the feature. The bad news is that there are several games that will present issues with this new feature. Still, Sony had to start somewhere if it was going to make the feature available in the first place. PS3 and PS Vita games are not supported. Currently, there are only 10 games on the list with known critical issues. Among other things, that FAQ covers how to go about changing your PSN ID, which can be done either on a PS4 or using a web browser.

Parts of your game and applications may not function properly both online and offline. Doing so should resolve most issues experienced.