New Gmail feature will let you easily schedule emails

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Coupled with reliable spam filtering techniques and ever-increasing Google's ecosystem of mobile apps, it soon became the de-facto email facility for a majority of people across the globe. The transition from Inbox to Gmail has been painful for many users, but if you have a rooted Android smartphone it may be possible to continue using Inbox for a little while longer. Once the user clicks the send button, it opens up a scheduler that will allow them to set up the meeting they suggested immediately after. While the feature hasn't been given any time frame for release, it's fair to say it will start rolling out imminently given Google's history with integrating new features.

Bank also announced that Gmail is adding its "Smart Compose" predictive text feature to its Android app, and that it will be added to the iOS version "soon".

Google also claims it has also given Smart Compose the ability to learn and adapt to your unique writing style, so that if there's a certain greeting or opener you tend to prefer, like "Hey team", that line should show up as one of Smart Compose's various suggestions. Going forward this will also include personalized language to stay true to your regular email voice.

As of today, Spark is available on iOS and Mac as well. It matters not, however, as now your Gmail client is gaining new features to make your life easier. Features will be missed, but as far as the design of Inbox is concerned, Chrome desktop users can get now the look of Inbox in Gmail by installing a Chrome extension simply named "Inbox Theme for Gmail". "Among the things users love most about Spark is the way it bubbles up emails from actual people to the top of your stack and makes it easy to 'batch-delete" emails like newsletters and notifications from social media companies that gunk up your inbox.

Once the feature is available, draft your message as usual.

Spark first debuted on iOS a few years back and has established itself as one of the best third-party email apps in the App Store. There are paid plans with in-app subscription as well, which unlocks all features, and costs you roughly Rs 500 per month.

Google had rolled out a big redesign of Gmail in 2018 and added several new features, including Smart Reply, email snoozing, follow-up Nudges and hover actions, as well as the inline attachments and images on Android.