Kudlow: Trump May Keep Truck Roads Open If US-Mexico Border Closes

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If the U.S. -Mexico border did shutter, prices of the pear-shaped fruit could climb even higher, according to the report.

The winter produce season is especially heavy right now, with the import of Mexican-grown watermelons, grapes, and squash, said Lance Jungmeyer, president of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas.

This weekend, President Donald Trump amped up threats to close the U.S. -Mexico border unless Mexican authorities immediately halt all illegal immigration.

There has been a massive increase of immigrants coming from Central American countries, as over 3,700 immigrants trying to cross illegally into the U.S. were apprehended by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol last Monday - the most significant number in a single day in over ten years.

"We've broken up so-called "child recycling" rings, if you can believe it, in the last couple of months, which is where smugglers kidnap a child", Nielsen said.

On Monday night, Nielsen rushed home from Europe, where she was attending G7 security meetings, to oversee the response to what administration officials are calling a dire emergency at the southern border.

Republican lawmakers, economists and business groups largely disagree with that assessment and warned this week that closing the border could cripple the flow of goods and workers and devastate American automakers and farmers, as well as other industries that depend on Mexico for sales and goods.

"We're going to have a strong border or we're going to have a closed border", he told reporters as he met NATO's secretary general.

Because of this wait-and-see posture, the White House does not expect the President to make a final decision on closing the border with Mexico before he travels to the border region on Friday. But security is what is most important to me. "We hope that that continues, and that we can work with them so we don't have to (close the border)". The most recent came over the weekend, and the threat was subsequently backed by White House officials so this one carries a bit more weight.

Mexican avocados account for 75 percent to 80 percent of US consumption, and California for about 16 percent, according to data from the Haas Avocado Board. But Trump has so far refused to back down. The family had been staying at a shelter in the Mexican border city of Tijuana, and asked to remain in the United States because they feared being sent back to Mexico. "And according to the U.S. Department of Transportation, almost 80% of these exports - $207 billion - were shipped to Mexico via truck or rail". The value of our exports to Mexico and China are down 28 percent and 32 percent, respectively, this year. The biggest import categories from Mexico are cars and trucks, machinery, medical instruments and fossil fuels. We are at the breaking point and can not afford a total loss of the Mexican market, one that accounted for more than 20 percent of total USA pork exports previous year.