Elder Blasts Obama Judge's 'Absurd' Ruling That Migrants Can't Stay in Mexico

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It was not immediately clear what would happen to those asylum-seekers when they come back to the US for their court dates.

Last summer the administration separated more than 2,500 children from their families before global outrage forced Trump to halt the practice and a judge ordered them reunited.

Seeborg said the policy also appeared to violate the nation's legal obligation to make sure the asylum applicants would not be in danger while waiting in Mexico. A federal judge stopped the administration's "remain in Mexico" policy, which requires most non-Mexican asylum seekers to wait south of the American border while asylum requests are processed.

But Nielsen has maintained that her hands were tied by U.S. laws over how much she could do to deter them.

Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., targeted "Jews" after she called White House aide Stephen Miller a white nationalist. "We have to close up the borders".

"He just wants to separate families", said a senior administration official.

He will join acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan, acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, acting U.N. Ambassador Jonathan Cohen, and acting Office of Management and Budget Director Russell Vough in President Trump's Cabinet.

Migrant families from Mexico, fleeing from violence, listen to officers of the US Customs and Border Protection before entering the United States to apply for asylum at Paso del Norte global border crossing bridge in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico June 20, 2018.

"Some people are gaming the system, but the answer to that is having the system work", said Doris Meissner, a fellow with the nonpartisan Migration Policy Institute and a former immigration commissioner.

The judge said the government shall permit the 11 plaintiffs in the case to enter the United States beginning on Sunday. They asked for more time to get a lawyer. Migrants who reach USA soil have a legal right to seek asylum and are usually held in detention facilities while their application is processed, or released into the U.S. So unfair to the U.S.

A third move would tighten the standards for immigrants looking to begin asylum claims at the border.

Obama did crack down on illegal immigration, resulting in large numbers of deportations and children were detained along with their parents. She repeatedly noted the limitations imposed on her department by federal laws, court settlements, and global obligations.

"I never said I'm cleaning house", Trump said.

"The onus is on Congress to do something to stop this mess", he said.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said Tuesday that having participated in creating the department more than a decade ago, she knows "these are vital positions". "And that's what he's trying to do".

"Obama separated the children, by the way", Trump told reporters Tuesday. He put the decision on hold until Friday to give US officials the chance to appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The news agency was not able to independently verify their claims.

But applications rose again, especially in the years after 2014.

"In addition to that, a change that major would nearly certainly require notice and comment rulemaking, which means they have to publish or propose notice in the Federal Register, they have to give the public usually 60 days at least to respond, then they have to consider the individual comments - this is a very long, protracted process", he says.

A United States judge on Monday (April 8) issued an injunction halting the Trump administration's policy of sending some asylum seekers back across the southern border to wait out their deportation cases in Mexico. And the Trump administration did detain children in cages.