Chromium Edge Browser From Microsoft is Out for Testing. Google Services Replaced/Removed

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"The Dev channel is still relatively fresh - it's the best build of the week from the Canary channel". There will be three release channels: beta, dev, and canary.

To note, the preview build already supports extensions which you can easily download and use. Like the current Edge browser, the homepage also displays a news feed with tabs for certain categories (news, sports, entertainment, etc). At the moment only Windows 10 versions are available but Microsoft has promised support for more platforms in the near future.

By signing into your Microsoft account, all your favourites come over, although I found the favicons don't load in your favourites bar, until you visit a site.

The new browser will be made available in both Canary (daily) and Developer (weekly) builds, with a full-fledged beta coming later. The new browser runs on the open-source Chromium project and is now available as a Canary preview.

After announcing a year ago that it would be rebuilding its Edge browser on Google's open-source Chromium platform, the first official releases of the project have landed. Summarily, the company is hoping to make life easier for developers and users alike. The shift also marks end of Microsoft's EdgeHTML platform. It is important that Microsoft Chromium Edge is still in see and you may experience unexpected bugs.

Microsoft Chromium Edge has another look and it regards the advanced interface of Windows 10.

What this means to you: There's no reason to replace Google Chrome or any other browser with this new version quite yet. The user agent has the "Edg" name in its declaration, instead of the "Edge" name, which signifies the older browser. Using Google's software gives access to a mature and frequently updated software project while ensuring websites aren't likely to suffer from incompatibility problems. The Focused look is the cleanest of them all, and you can further declutter your homepage by turning off a couple of other options.

Some changes will be more obvious to users. Microsoft's Edge engineering team is expected to uncover more about its Chromium work amid a BlinkOn 10 keynote tomorrow, and this will include more details on what has been removed and changed over Google's very own implementation of Chromium. You can also choose to start from scratch if you would like to keep your Chrome data separate from Edge.