British MPs vote against all Brexit alternative plans

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Is a no-deal Brexit off the table? The U.K. has until April 12 to determine next steps, with more votes planned next week.

He said it was "time to make the argument for a [People's Vote] on any deal the parties can agree".

This was meant to be the UK's first full week outside the European Union.

But four of the ideas considered then will be considered again by MPs after Speaker John Bercow made his selection of motions to be put to the vote.

"Furthermore, if she is intending to rely on Labour votes and ride roughshod over the Conservative Party in Parliament, she is putting the future of the party in peril".

If the new splinter movement of Labour and Conservative MPs, The Independence Group, were to run candidates, as well as Farage's new Brexit Party, the Labour vote drops to 35 per cent and the Conservatives to 32 per cent.

The head of Siemens UK, which is one of the country's biggest industrial firms with annual revenues of £5bn and 15,000 staff, said political turmoil over Brexit was making it harder for him to win support for British investment from the firm's managing board in Germany.

After the vote, it became clear that the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland voted against the four options, Reuters reported. Prioritizing its concerns about the union, the party was not swayed by May's resignation offer or her ongoing negotiations with them on the backstop. Labour will support the plan again.

There is a clause in the EEA agreement that would allow a non-EU member to opt out of the freedom of movement rule if they are facing serious economic strain - but the chances of the United Kingdom being granted this exclusion is slim.

Some 280 MPs voted in favour of a second referendum but 292 voted against.

Theresa May would be able to choose how long the extension should be and, if the European Union were to offer an alternative length for an extension, that would have to come back for a vote.

March 29 was the original date for Brexit, but the Parliament has repeatedly failed to decide on the terms of the exit. If no-deal is rejected, the government would be compelled to revoke Article 50 (which it can do unilaterally).

"We have a very simple way of judging all of this", said told reporters in Belfast when pressed on potential support for a soft Brexit.

On April 1, MPs will use the same system to vote on a narrower set of options. The Commons tonight rejected a customs union, Norway-style soft Brexit, second referendum and cancelling Brexit.

This time politicians voted on four more options, some of which were slightly altered versions of last weeks choices; all four of these options were defeated.

Another risk is that a summit of European Union leaders on April 10 might decide there is no sure way out of the stalemate, and refuse Britain a further year-long extension to sort itself out. She needs to put forward a proposal, including saying how long an extension she thinks we need to sort things.

Is No-Deal Brexit Likely? In this case, the most likely scenario is a general election.

Parliament took control of the Brexit process for the second time in the space of a week yesterday.