Borderlands 3 launches exclusively on the Epic Games Store on 13 September

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The PC video game store wars rage on, with the newly announced Borderlands 3 the latest game to pick a side. As it turns out, Borderlands will face the same fate as it too will only come to other digital platforms on PC on the same month of next year.

Games being timed-exclusive on the Epic Games Store will continue to be a thing.

The long-awaited Borderlands 3 game is squarely in the crosshairs of some angry gamers and getting review-bombed simply because it will be exclusively sold in the Epic Games Store instead of Valve's ubiquitous Steam ... for six months. Although many fans are loyal to the game, this will likely affect many players' opinions of GearBox.

I previously signed up for an Epic Games Store account for the Subnautica freebie, and have visited the site again today to add The Witness to my games owned list.

Don't miss all of the Borderlands 3 news rolling out right now, including new ways of handling co-op loot, and an extended look at the heroes, villains, and worlds that September will bring. As such, they have begun to review bomb Borderlands 2 on Steam in protest of this choice. Set on the planet Pandora in the 29th century, the games follow the player character as they journey through the wastelands of Pandora in search of legendary Vaults, mythical hidden zones with untold treasures and wealth hidden inside.

Further, there's also a 5% fee that developers are expected to pay to Epic Games if a game is built around the Unreal Engine.

As well as putting its online store in front of millions of PC-based Fortnite players, Epic has also been attracting new users through a rolling 14-day schedule of giveaways for well-received games since a December 2018 launch. The idea that this new round of review bombing will have any effect on 2K's decision is absurd. The Epic Games Store gives customers a new free game every two weeks. To the credit of both the publisher and developer, at least they didn't put the pre-order up on Steam.