Borderlands 3 gets an official release date and special editions

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Borderlands 3 won't launch on Steam, but everything else about it is typical for a big budget PC game release, which means that of course there are four increasingly pricey editions to chose from.

Borderlands 3 is developed using the Unreal Engine technology, so it will most likely run great on not-so-potent PCs. He's holding his hand up in the "blessing" style manner that Jesus is often depicted with, although here the Pyscho is holding up three fingers (because Borderlands 3).

Will Borderlands 3 Include Split Screen Support?

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Character art lithographs (x5): Unique character prints starring the new Vault Hunters and fanatical Calypso Twins.

You can pre-order the game right now on all platforms; you can head to the likes of GAME (£54.99) in the United Kingdom, although U.S. pre-orders don't seem to be live just yet.

Gearbox responded to the leak in jest, noting that it'll reveal more at 9AM ET today.

Borderlands 3 was showcased during PAX East, and the first trailer was well-received by fans. That cheering you can hear is the sound of gamers everywhere rejoicing, as being able to play the previous games in split screen mode made for ideal local co-op shenanigans and is still a massive reason why people love the games now. What's more, that loot will be level appropriate for that player. More so when Borderlands 1 released for Rs. 499 and Borderlands 2 for Rs. 699. This is hinted at the game's Microsoft Store page which now includes the "Cross-platform co-op" tag.

The answer here is probably, kinda.

A new batch of details surrounding Gearbox Studio's upcoming game, Borderlands 3, has just been released.

Both Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition and the update for The Handsome Collection are now available. Judging by how things have gone down between Microsoft and Sony in the past, we're guessing cross-play will likely involve Xbox One and PC playing together and PS4 and PC crossplay, but a ideal trifecta may not be in the cards.