Apple Card: five key points about the tech giant’s new payment solution

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Almost every successful game on the iOS platform is free to play (F2P), and they're so successful because they make money from in-app purchases and advertising. If you don't see the update immediately, try again later as Apple's servers might be getting hammered from everyone trying to update at the same time.

The biggest benefit of the Apple Card is that it is deeply integrated with the Apple ecosystem, including the Wallet app and iPhone.

Siri is your spirit guide.

Likewise with TV+, News+, and Apple Arcade - these pricey services aren't necessarily unique, but they'll be far easier to set up and use than any of their competitors. You can get that information from the Wallet app on your iPhone.

"Although the Apple card's rewards aren't too exciting, it might bring more value to its already loyal customers in the form of convenience and security", says Jill Gonzalez, an analyst at finance site WalletHub.

The three newspapers participating in Apple News Plus are the Los Angeles Times, Toronto Star and The Wall Street Journal - the latter a surprise to many industry watchers.

Sleek design: the card will be made of titanium and feature the iconic Apple logo - a great marketing tool to encourage more customers to utilise Apple Pay. Plenty of developers will take Apple's money to develop games for the service, but I don't think users en masse will be willing to pay a monthly fee for access to a comparatively small catalog of games, most of which are not exclusive to Apple. One of the best features of the new gaming service is that it lets users play their chosen games across their Apple devices.

A columnist at estimates that revenue from Apple Card could amount to US$1 billion next year and reach US$5 billion by 2022 after taking into account interest income and fee revenue. Everything you need is right there on your phone - even tech support, reachable via text message. If customers miss a payment, they will not be charged a penalty rate. In addition, support has been added for the AirPods launched last week. There are no late fees.

The rewards rate for the virtual version of the Apple Card matches numerous highest flat-rate cash-back cards on the market. What he noticed was that Apple News+ Magazines isn't using Apple's own FairPlay.

For Apple Pay transactions, analysts have estimated that the technology giant receives half a cent on in-store debit purchases and 15 basis points on credit cards. For example, Citi Double Cash is a very simple, easy-to-use 2% cash back card. The card will also have no fees of any kind: No late fees, worldwide fees or annual fees. The card itself isn't terribly exciting and the rewards are actually pretty standard.

Now if Apple plans on taking mainstream consumer market then they would definitely want to opt for an offline and physical version of their Apple Card and they have done exactly that. The issuer won't charge any annual fee, meaning you can simply carry it without even using it and not have to worry about paying a fee at the end of the year.

"You're also going to get cash rewards and receipts". This card will come into existence with their partnership with Goldman Sachs Group Inc, this summer.

Apple Card clearly labels transactions with merchant names and locations via machine learning and Apple Maps.