Android and iOS finally gets Google Duplex

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Recent rumours suggest the incoming handsets could cost half as much as their flagship siblings, with the so-called Pixel 3a set to fetch around €450 (around £380) when it arrives in May. All the processing related to Call Screen is done on the device itself and nothing is shared with Google unless a user explicitly decides to do so.

For those of you who aren't on Verizon, Amazon is selling a refurbished Pixel 2 XL for just $320 and the smaller refurbished Pixel 2 for just $300. The custom themes were first expected in the Android version 8.0, but the Android Oreo update only added native support and a command line interface for Sony's OMS theme framework. The lifespan of the smartphone these days are appearing to be shorter as with the arrival of the new phones the older ones are vacated from the market.

April has just started and the Pixel leak season is already ramping up, with the Pixel 4 making a small appearance. While the phone encountered a few problems when it was launched partially due to its large display and some issues with tiresome colors (an issue which was subsequently fixed), the phone did produce some unbelievable photos. Google later rolled out an update that lets users tweak saturation so the screen could look more vibrant. The camera system was the same in both phones and produced fantastic images.

Moving on, Google also implemented a foldable emulator.

With Google I/O happening during the middle of next month (17th to 19th May), it's time to turn our attention to what the tech giant has planned on the software front.

Different phones, come with different live wallpapers, however, you should know that they will need more CPU cycles in order to work, and this will cause your battery to drain faster.