Why strike for climate change?

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James Taylor, senior fellow for environment and climate policy at the free-market Heartland Institute, called it ironic that climate activists would encourage students to prioritize the protest over classroom time.

The movement, sparked by a single 16-year-old in Sweden, has gone global. "It makes the adults face the issue and hopefully prompt them to do something about it", said Kate, whose parents are supportive of her plans to strike. Thousands of students have followed her example ever since.

Youth culture is said to be defined by its movements - from Rock Against Racism in 1970s Britain to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations that have swept through the US.

"We actually have a bit of a fight, not just to make sure these issues are being heard there (the United Nations and the World Trade Organization), but for the institutions themselves".

"I think there can be more awareness about it", she said.

She's also watched her home city swelter under heatwaves in recent years. "Educators everywhere should support this movement and nurture the leadership that students are showing around climate change". The reason? A lack of action on climate change.

"I don't want your hope", she said in her Davos speech.

"There's so much research going on showing what the world will look like, so many cities and countries will go underwater".

In France, the message scrawled on posters in the street is more pointed: "In 2050 you will be dead, not us". I want you to feel the fear I feel every day. "The people who are in power now need to do this now". While led by young people themselves, there are plenty of parents, teachers and others supporting their action and involvement.

"When you have privilege it's important to speak up". Edward Markey, but goes further by calling for 100 percent renewable energy, instead of "net-zero emissions", by 2030. "If our leaders on a global and a national level were doing their jobs properly then we wouldn't have to strike". But a whole bunch of grown-up scientists say these kids know what they're talking about.

"The situation we are in right now with climate change can not wait until we finish school", Ms Denman said.

But Tully has been on the trail of climate activism for some time.

"It's going beyond just a strike or a walkout for one day", said Malterre.

Living in Warringah and being passionate about reversing climate change has always been hard due to our current member consistently denying government policy on the issue.

"We are all passionate here in the Tristram household", she says. However, she has concerns about students missing school for the strike.

Greta Thunberg speaking at a World Economic Forum panel discussion in Davos, Switzerland, in January.