Podcast: How badly will Brexit end for the UK?

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The vote against a no-deal Brexit was non-binding but investors believe Britain will now avert a disorderly European Union exit that would severely damage its economy.

All three MPs previously voted in favour of Prime Minister Theresa May's exit deal and against leaving the European Union with no-deal.

It looks like MPs will be asked to vote on the prime minister's deal for the third time before March 20.

The amendment for a second Brexit referendum was rejected by 334 to 85 votes.

But going back to the people, he said, and humbly asking them to sort it out would be reasonable. "In that case it's not a couple of months, I believe then we are talking about maybe one or two years".

The meeting also heard concerns that the prime minister would be unable to offer a clear reason for an extension after what they regard as a likely defeat in the third meaningful vote.

On Tuesday, MPs rejected Mrs May's withdrawal agreement for a second time.

The motion adds that any extension beyond June 30 would require the United Kingdom to hold European elections in May. Article 50 has been agreed and the process has ended.

Barry Lockey, who arrived in Sunderland carrying a flag with the message "Get Britain out: Time to leave the EU", said that the event is about supporting democracy. And yes these are being discussed. He added that "as long as this isn't clear, Brexit can only be delayed for a few weeks, exclusively to avoid a chaotic withdrawal March 29". In previous political eras, by now she would probably have quit as prime minister or been forced out of office.

The past week's votes have exposed divisions in the UK's two largest parties.

"There are still issues to be addressed in our discussions".

A senior government source said that persuading the DUP would be key to securing parliament's approval, as that would prompt eurosceptic Conservatives to back the deal.

It sets the terms on which a member country will leave the EU.

Yet, in the next 13 days, they will work tirelessly to reverse the whole thing. It may be that the government will allow MPs to have a further debate on the sort of Brexit they'd like to see, or that MPs will continue to amend a government motion to propose alternative Brexit options. And there is none amongst those MPs for Brexit.

And he said that the initial assessment was that it was illegal and not compatible with WTO rules.

Local activists had wanted to deselect him as their candidate in the next general election because of his stance on Brexit.

There has been skepticism and criticism of Corbyn's quick change as Conservative Party Chairman Brandon Lewis stated, "Once again, it's clear: Jeremy Corbyn is using Brexit to play his own political games".