Oculus and HP reveal new VR headsets

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Oculus said it developed the Oculus Rift S with the help of Lenovo, which aided in improving upon the original design, while also allowing for Oculus to manufacture the headset faster. While the company hasn't specified an exact release date yet, Oculus could launch the Rift S along with the Quest during Facebook's F8 developer conference which is scheduled for April 30 this year.

The brand new Oculus Rift S is being shown off at GDC and Ars Technica had a chance to play with it.

Elsewhere, you get five onboard cameras for inside-out tracking and improved ergonomics thanks to a co-design partnership with Lenovo. The Oculus Rift S features a brand new "halo" head strap which is created to fit the head more comfortably and allow longer stretches of gaming.

The tethered headset is launching in Spring 2019 for $399. If anything the Rift S is an iterative refresh over Facebook's original HMD and serves as the new dedicated desktop-powered model.

Oculus Insight is also integrated just like with Oculus Quest, which provides inside-out tracking without the need for external sensors.

Existing Rift owners will be able to take advantage of Oculus' continued software updates. Oculus stated that this was done to offset the increase in resolution in order to maintain the same required PC hardware specifications to run Oculus games properly.

Oculus has announced its latest VR headset, the Oculus Rift S. The next-generation device features significant upgrades, including a high-resolution LCD and enhanced optics.

The Rift S is set to arrive in Spring 2019 for a price of $399. Interestingly though, the refresh rate has been lowered from 90Hz to 80Hz.

While the Rift S is targeted at a wide audience, the new HP Reverb is aiming a little more upmarket and has the specifications to match.

Oculus Insight is also back, just as on the Quest.

Initial reviews of the Rift S are tepid. So if you're looking to replace your old Rift or thinking about getting into VR for the first time, the Rift S should be a friendlier option.