New Jonas Brothers video features the brothers’ wives and fiance

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The love birds seem to be inseparable these days in their latest pictures and videos where Nick Jonas is always in awe of PeeCee. They promised their fans that they would be back together and now, after nearly a decade it has finally happened!

The Jonas Brothers are getting the band back together - and will release their first single in 6 years, the heartthrob trio announced Thursday. "I am a sucker for all the subliminal things no one knows about you". Shout out to Frankie Jonas.

Twitter has been "Burnin' Up" over rumors of a potential Jonas Brothers reunion. I'm so insanely happy I can't even put it into words.

The honeymoon is over for Nick Jonas and it is back to work. "If a reunion is really gonna happen I will be the happiest man on earth". It DOES get better.

I mean A LOT!

And Danielle is married to KEvin.

The band went on to pursue their own careers in music and entertainment.

The Jonas Brothers band was formed in 2005 but the band split in 2013. They did for us. He also acted in Jumanji, and recently he upped his stardom with his highly publicized and extravagant wedding to Priyanka Chopra. They had chart success with the song "Cake By The Ocean".

Oh, how the tables have turned. And Kevin.well Kevin's been doing Kevin stuff too.

"Time to bring my Jonas brothers merch out of retirement", Emma Chamberlain tweeted. So Kevin is the real estate brother now.

Way to announce a comeback, guys! Also fucking adorable right video right?'

So whether you wanna channel Olivia Colman screaming at people to CLOSE THEIR EYES or whether you wanna channel Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra and Danielle Jonas all serving looks on the grounds, you're in luck.

The music video for "Sucker" is incredibly colorful, lavish, and outrageous, and is the ideal, fun way for the Jonas Brothers to come back onto the music scene.