Nancy Pelosi Says It's 'Not Worth It' to Impeach President Trump

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"I'm not for impeachment", Pelosi, the top US Democrat, said in a Washington Post interview published on Monday.

"She has now dismissed both the left's obsession with a risky and likely doomed effort to impeach Trump, and Trump himself, driving him insane", Brzezinski said. But in their mad rush to exclaim not just disgust for the president but also zeal for removing him from office, they have stumbled at the impeachment choke point. While Mueller's report and investigations in Congress and by NY prosecutors could change the dynamic, for now, "Pelosi's right - he's not worth it, just in terms of obsessing over him". It's not an honor to bestow.

"We've got 62 new [Democratic] members", he said. But maybe not two [Trump] terms. "So we have to make sure that doesn't happen".

Of course, there are decent arguments against impeachment.

"There will be another vote on the floor of the Congress of the United States of America", Green told reporters in his office Tuesday. Some Democrats fear that, by engaging in the fight, the party would be damaged by the backlash.

Reacting to her comments, Steyer suggested Pelosi's stance was "politically convenient".

According to a recent Morning Consult tracking poll, 86 percent of Republicans and 43 percent of independents oppose the initiation of impeachment proceedings (only 36 percent of independents favor this step).

If that report finds Trump's campaign worked with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election and worked to cover the whole thing up afterwards, there's every chance Democrats would seize the opportunity to turf Trump out.

Democrats control the House today because they were able to win previous year in places such as Orange County, Calif. It's divisive as Pelosi acknowledged.

There are also many non-Russia reasons for impeachment. Lawmakers are looking into payments made by longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen to silence women alleging affairs with Trump, and into Trump's efforts to build a tower in Moscow.

But other Democrats pointed to the GOP's refusal to challenge Mr Trump over the past two years.

Although Pelosi said she believed it would be too divisive to try to impeach Trump, she characterised the president as unfit to hold office.

Pelosi's problem isn't that she handed a veto to Republicans. While fighting against his reelection might be the best way to get rid of Trump, it's not necessarily the best path for undoing his assault on important norms of governance.

With enough public sentiment to successfully execute impeachment, Trump would nearly certainly be run out of office like a cheap grifter in November of 2020.

Pramila Jayapal, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, agreed, arguing that voters "really are angry about what is perceived to be happening in the White House" and that Congress has an "obligation" to see where the facts lead. In an an interview with CBS on Super Bowl Sunday, Trump said, "The only way they can win, because they can't win the election, is to bring out the artificial way of impeachment".

"If you think impeaching Bill Clinton was a bad idea, which I think most Democrats do, then you now have to think impeaching Trump is a bad idea", Burstein said, unless something that is clearly an impeachable offense is uncovered.

Green said Trump "put his bigotry into policy" by seeking a purported "Muslim ban" and calling African nations "s**thole countries".