Mitt Romney to vote for resolution disapproving Trump's emergency declaration

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The vote to cancel Trump's border emergency - which would allocate $3.6 billion more on border barriers than Congress had allowed - passed 59-41.

A recent poll asked if the U.S.

"The declaration of emergency under these circumstances is a violation of the U.S. Constitution", he said.

At least 12 Republicans joined Democrats in voting to override the emergency declaration, with legislators from both parties expressing concern about overreach by Trump, who saw the emergency declaration as a way to allocate funding for a border wall that Congress was unwilling to pass.

If my colleagues, like myself, believe that Congress has given too much authority to the executive branch, then we can retake that delegation - after we have brought this emergency to heel.

Senate Republicans had attempted to avert a showdown with the president by introducing legislation that would have curtailed the power of presidents to declare national emergencies in the future. On Twitter, Trump called the vote "an 80% positive issue" in his favor.

Trump had tweeted on Thursday that a vote for the resolution by Republican senators would be vote for Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as well as "crime and the open border democrats".

Trump appeared to make a U-turn at the last minute, after a senator said Wednesday that the White House sent word that Trump would not accept a similar deal.

Actually, the monthly Harvard-Harris poll he was referring to posed this question: "Do you think we should have basically open borders or do you think we need secure borders?"

"But the Democrats, in order to make things hard, they are for open borders and they are for crime...the Republicans aren't", he stated".

The setback for the President also comes on the heels of another high-profile break with his administration after the Senate voted just one day earlier to curtail USA military support for a Saudi-led war in Yemen, which has created a humanitarian crisis in that country. Many in Congress say effective border security requires a range of law enforcement tools.

Senators on Wednesday approved a resolution seeking to end USA support for the Saudi Arabia-led coalition in the war in Yemen, rejecting Trump's policy toward the kingdom.

The Pelosi plan is cynical because it denies that there is an emergency on America's southern border.

The worse the president is doing in the polls, the more incentive they'll have to display their independence to home-state voters by disagreeing with him (and that's not to mention others who may do so for substantive reasons from time to time).

Construction workers in the USA work on a new section of the border fence as seen from Tijuana, Mexico February 18, 2019. Ted Cruz interrupted the President's dinner with First Lady Melania Trump to tell him he was hemorrhaging support inside the GOP caucus, according to a Senate aide and first reported by the Washington Post.

After Congress failed to provide $5.7 billion that Trump sought to build barriers along the US border with Mexico, Trump declared a national emergency on February 15 to justify redirecting $3.6 billion in military construction money and around $3.1 billion from counternarcotics programs and asset forfeiture money towards wall construction.

A bill that limits the emergency power in the future is consistent with recognizing that Congress has delegated this authority.

"I aggressively opposed the overreach of the past presidents and believe that I can not pick and choose to now look the other way", said Moran, a Kansas Republican. Just 10 percent of Democrats in the poll said they supported the president's emergency declaration, while 83 percent opposed it. Josh Hawley of Missouri, opposed the resolution. Polls show a majority of Americans actually do not support the president's emergency declaration.

Trump has his veto pen ready. Nevertheless, Thursday's vote revealed simmering tensions between the president and members of his party on Capitol Hill who pleaded with him to change course.