Midwest flooding costs increasing, with $1.6B damage in Iowa

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Those floods caused billions of dollars in damage, and officials said this year's damage in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota has already passed the billion-dollar mark.

"Recent snow and flooding have wreaked havoc on Nebraska's livestock industry, causing damage and losses for countless producers across the state".

Satellite imagery captured the enormous extent of the flooding in this area of Nebraska. The cost of the damage has surpassed $1.3 billion, state officials said, according to the Associated Press. While the crests in Nebraska, southwestern Iowa and northwestern Missouri have largely passed, water will remain high for several days.

Jon Gottschalck, chief, Operational Prediction Branch, NOAA's Climate Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland, said not all the news was bad, noting that above-average rains this winter ended California's seven-year drought.

"It's a little bit under the moderate flood stage, and we don't have any real immediate danger right now", St. Clair County EMA Director Herb Simmons said.

'The river will have several more major crests through next week, he said, not counting the numerous tributaries that feed into the Missouri up and down the Midwest and will likely inundate communities into next month.

Another levee has breached as high water levels make their way down the flooding Missouri River. President Donald Trump's trade policies cut off exports of soybeans and other products, making the situation worse.

Vice President Pence visits Nebraska to see flooding
Nebraska Governor: Worst flooding damage in our state's history

Governor Mike Parson on Thursday declared a state of emergency in Missouri in response to worsening conditions along the Missouri and Mississippi River systems as a result of release from upstream reservoirs, snow melt and excessive rainfall.

Authorities said they had rescued almost 300 people in Nebraska alone, with some rivers continuing to rise.

"For the most part, the city of Atchison is much more fortunate than some of the other communities along the Missouri River", the city's assistant manager Justin Pregont told Reuters.

Minnesota sent one CH-47 Chinook helicopter with 10 personnel to support flood response operations in Nebraska on Wednesday morning.

Reynolds says Iowa will need the additional federal recovery assistance to help with damage and losses related to agriculture, businesses, homes and levees.

But no major flooding is forecast downstream in Kansas City.

Pence also said that the Federal Emergency Management Agency is working to expedite a request from Nebraska's governor for a federal emergency declaration, which will provide more aid to the state. Flooding too will be a threat across parts of the Northwest and Northern Plains as well.