Labour leader Corbyn demands general election after Theresa May’s Brexit defeat

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She said: "I'm grateful... for the spirit in which they have sought to broker compromise in this House".

Some 75 Leave and Remain Conservative MPs united to rebel and condemn Theresa May's Brexit deal to another major defeat on Tuesday night, March 12.

"I've always supported the Prime Minister in her attempts to have a close partnership deal with Europe and she continues to have my support", he told Sky News.

'We can not continue to behave like this as a government, ' he said.

May told Bone this was not realistic: "The EU have made it clear there will be no agreement without a withdrawal agreement, and that includes what we have already negotiated on citizens' rights, a financial settlement and a Northern Ireland protocol".

BBC political correspondent Chris Mason said the deal had not been substantially changed and "the prospect of another big loss looms".

He has also joined forces with opposition MPs in a parliamentary amendment to stop a "no deal" Brexit, which will be voted on in parliament tonight.

Theresa May suffered a crushing defeat in the House of Commons yesterday.

In total, 391 MPs voted against the deal and 242 backed it.

What isn't clear is how the prime minister actually intends to dig herself out of this awful political hole.

MPs have dramatically rejected crashing out of the European Union without a deal at any time and under any circumstances.

Mr Corbyn argued Mrs May has failed, no longer has the ability to lead, and must change her approach.

"He used to believe that too, why is he just trying to frustrate it?"

The prime minister looks on course for another heavy defeat this evening after attorney general Geoffrey Cox concluded "the legal risk remains unchanged" of the United Kingdom being unable to leave the backstop without European Union agreement.

He said some MPs wanted to "kill" the deal in order to delay Brexit, and ultimately get another referendum on the issue.

But Speaker John Bercow told her it was not possible for her to withdraw the amendment, as one of its other signatories could move it to a vote.

Leading Tory Remainers and Brexiteers, including Dominic Grieve and Boris Johnson, have suggested the prime minister's deal is now "finished" and other options must be brought forward. The lawmakers then supported the idea of replacing the backstop provision, which has caused the most controversy in parliament, with alternative arrangements.

Mr Boles added the PM must go as soon as a deal is agreed.

Instead "we hear it in briefings in Brussels in bars", she said, in reference to an overheard conversation involving her chief Brexit negotiator Olly Robbins about no deal.