Jeremy Corbyn's amendment rejected — BREXIT VOTE

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Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Tuesday that even if May got her Brexit deal approved by parliament then it should be put to a "confirmatory" public vote.

However, Corbyn added that he would "also continue to push for the other available options", including a different exit deal and a general election. "We can not and will not accept".

And a proposal from Conservative backbencher Alberto Costa for a UK/EU treaty to protect expat citizens' rights in the event of a no-deal was passed without a vote.

"That's why Labor will put forward or support an amendment in favor of a public vote to prevent a damaging Tory Brexit".

"I believe in the situation we are in, an extension would be a rational solution but Prime Minister May still believes she's able to avoid this scenario", Tusk told a closing summit press conference.

"The prime minister's botched deal provides no certainty or guarantees for the future", he said, accusing May of running down the clock in a "grotesquely reckless" way.

That is now in serious doubt. And there is no majority for a no-deal crash-out from the European Union either.

"Rather than have Theresa May dictate a disastrous deal to us, I would much rather let the people of our country have the final say".

Because so many senior ministers threatened to resign over the growing risk of a no-deal Brexit.

Goldman Sachs raised the probability of that outcome to 55 percent from 50 percent while cutting its view of no-deal Brexit to 10 percent from 15. But the European Union is reluctant and she only has until March 12 if Britain is to leave on time.

The scale of the rebellion is such that rumours are circulating suggesting that May will rule out a "no deal" Brexit herself in a bid to maintain party unity - however, such a move would enrage the ERG members of her party.

During Wednesday night's votes, MPs rejected a Scottish National Party (SNP) motion saying the United Kingdom should not leave the European Union without a deal "under any circumstances" by 324 votes to 288. Some hard Brexiteers would be happy to do this but it is likely to be heavily rejected by MPs.

Labour MP for Manchester Central, Lucy Powell, claims around 25 MPs would vote against any second referendum, meaning that without significant support from Tory MPs, it would struggle to pass the Commons.

However, not all sides of the Labour Party are in favour of such a course of action, exposing the deep divisions that remain across the UK's political spectrum over the contours of Brexit. Data from Commons Votes Services.

How long would it be delayed for?

"An extension can not take no deal off the table", May said. The question now is whether the EU-27 opts to refuse an extension of Article 50. But somehow I doubt a Parliament full of MPs apparently more interested in fighting amongst themselves than uniting to prevent us from inflicting a monumental dose of self harm will get around to that until it's too late.