Indie directors: Making Captain Marvel was like going to Marvel University

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Thankfully, for as relatively high-concept and cosmic as Captain Marvel's story engines are, the plot itself doesn't try to reinvent the wheel.

Of course, neither Black Panther nor Wonder Woman would have altered the path for future comic book adaptations if they had not been terrific, entertaining films.

"Unfortunately, we have seen an uptick in non-constructive input, sometimes bordering on trolling, which we believe is a disservice to our general readership".

In fact, Captain Marvel works right up to the point where it doesn't.

David Ehrlich of Indiewire calls the film one of "the most disappointing Marvel movies", finding issue with its confused and disjointed first act, and drawing unfavourable comparisons to Star Trek and Wonder Woman.

The bulk of Captain Marvel's standard two-hour runtime is focused on Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), and begins with her as a human far from Earth trying to figure out just who (and what) she is. Vers is a soldier with a rebellious streak who has a hard time listening to orders. Akira Akbar is instantly endearing as Maria's whip-smart daughter Monica. Yet I couldn't help feeling it represented a missed opportunity. [.] As soon as she meets Jackson's Fury - the character's just beginning his career as a government agent, and is called upon to investigate her unexpected arrival - things click into place; the two actors have an easy, amusing chemistry, and the film nicely balances saving-the-day-swooping-around with charming character bits.

As we're hounded by soulless branding, Vers is pursued by the Skrulls.

For all the noise and alien cultures and dogfights in space, "Captain Marvel" is an origin tale - a re-origin tale - of how Vers becomes Carol Danvers again on her way to becoming Captain Marvel. Larson proves to be a thoroughly convincing action heroine. We may also see something special from her cat Goose.

Several critics express admiration at the digital effects used to enable Samuel L Jackson to play a younger version of the Nick Fury character he has played in previous MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) features. With shape-shifting Skrull, a charming cat, and plenty of '90s touchstones, Captain Marvel certainly has enough eccentricity - but can it back up its hefty duty? And, yes, it's a little weird to see Jackson aged backwards via some impressive technology. Though some of the Skrull scenes occasionally hang heavy with a Star Trek vibe - even with a mischievous Ben Mendelsohn loving every minute he's in that prosthetic make-up - Boden and Fleck vividly render a cosmic landscape that hints at the energy and possibility of galactic adventures that would chronologically come later, while setting up details that allow for a latitude of tones from silly (Guardians of the Galaxy) to deadly serious (Infinity War). The montage of Brie Larson's title character falling and getting up through her life forms part of a longer scene of inspiring personal triumph, but it still feels like visual shorthand.

It's a lot to have on one's plate for someone who isn't even sure who she is. Note: this will probably only impact MCU diehards - but be reminded of when in the timeline was S.H.I.E.L.D. first referenced in the movies, and the journey of the Tessaract.

Captain Marvel is Marvel Studios's 21st film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the first with a female-led superhero.

The film's directors, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, also spoke with the Metro at the London premiere about the touching tribute. Those swipes are both timely and well-placed.

While the film is full of amusing moments, Captain Marvel herself is nearly entirely humourless. It's also a pretty darn good buddy road trip sort of picture.

"Captain Marvel has all the usual MCU humor and action (with a few surprises), and plenty of girl power moments in Larson's strong performance".