India hands over dossier to Pakistan on JeM role in Pulwama attack

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The official at the army headquarters said that when soldiers from Pakistan or China had in the past inadvertently crossed over into Indian territory, India had accorded them POW status and treated them as per the Geneva Conventions.

Khan's comments came after an aerial engagement between the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in which New Delhi said it shot down a Pakistan fighter jet but lost one of its MiG-21s, with its pilot reportedly in Pakistani custody.

Pakistan said it downed two Indian jets, and detained one of their pilots.

Two Indian pilots have been arrested, Ghafoor later said, with one pilot said to be receiving treatment for injuries in a military hospital.

A man looks at a television screen displaying the pictures of the Indian pilots, said to be captured by Pakistan after shooting down two Indian planes, in Karachi, Pakistan February 27, 2019. "We wanted to demonstrate that we could have easily taken out the original target - a military administrative unit - but chose not to", he said in response to a question. Although India did not officially confirm it at that time.

India also suspended flights though some of its northern airports on Wednesday. "We do not want escalation". We were ready for everything but after this, India took some action. In the press briefing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said that Indian Air Force has killed a Pakistani jet F-16.

Khan said the stance taken by the USA "emboldened" New Delhi as he covered a range of issues including deteriorating peace and security situation in the South Asian region. But the one exception was Kashmir, and that's this disputed Himalayan territory that's now split between the two countries. The government closed it Wednesday after Pakistan said its military had shot down shot down two Indian warplanes, escalating tensions between the nuclear-armed rivals.

"Pakistan has suffered casualties in the past so we offered to cooperate with India". Now, the problem is India also says it's retaliating against Pakistani actions. Pakistan has vehemently denied having a role in the incident. Public criticism of India has been loud across Pakistani media, with sporadic protests against New Delhi breaking out across the country. Pakistan has claimed that he is in their custody.

On the Pakistani side, though, General Pervez Musharraf initially scuttled the India-Pakistan back-channel talks initiated by then prime minister Nawaz Shariff, who he toppled in a coup. After the 2001 Indian Parliament attack, the United Nations had "proscribed" JeM and urged Pakistan to work immediately for the eradication of any terror-based activities on its soil.

Global Affairs Canada has issued a travel advisory for India, warning anyone to exercise a high degree of caution due to a continuing threat of terrorist attacks throughout the country. And at partition, Pakistan was carved out of the Muslim-majority areas of India. But how did events escalate to this point over the last few weeks? Pakistan has claimed to threaten both pilots.