Huawei Announces 5G Foldable Mate X

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MWC 2019 is now underway in Barcelona and Huawei was first in line to show off its latest innovations.

Industry insiders are optimistic about the potential sales of Mate X, launched by Huawei on the first day of this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

They said the success of foldable smartphones depends on whether device manufacturers can give consumers an answer to the question, "Why does a phone have to fold?"

Huawei Mate X will launch in June this year at the price of $2600 which roughly translates to 17,500 Yuan.

All of this contributes to a price tag that approaches two grand-the Galaxy Fold starts at $1,980 and will be available in the second quarter.

One look at the Huawei Mate X is enough to captivate you.

Samsung unveiled its new foldable phone during a recent event, and now the company has released a video that offers a deeper look into the tech device. In tablet mode, it is just 5.4 mm thick then 11mm when unfolded. This probably won't allow for you to fluently fold out the phone into a tablet so it is not ideal, but it is better than a scratched screen. In order to counter the Samsung Model, the Huawei phone features a FullView Display WITHOUT HAVING A DISPLAY NOTCH and a Falcon Wing Design. Both companies have gone to considerable lengths to hide the center of their folding display in product shots and display units, but it's definitely there.

Back to that design, and to the left of the rear screen is a vertical bar. Not only does it fold outwards, but it also has that bump on the back where the cameras are located, which improves grip on the device, and sits next to the display when the phone is folded. Huawei slayed Samsung at its conference by claiming that an 8-inch display is offered by the Mate X which is more in size as compared to the Galaxy Fold which sports a 7.2-inch display. The phone features 8GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage. This makes the chipset capable of achieving downlink speed of up to 4.6Gbps. 128GB with 8GB of RAM, 512GB with 8GB of RAM and a huge (and ultra-fast) 1TB model with a very big 12GB of RAM.

Those wanting the bigger S9+, Tesco is also offering this larger phone for as little as £29.49 a month, with 1GB of data, 5000 minutes and 5000 texts. There appears to be a four-camera array in the sidebar.

"Since Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, is the only company that has the expertise and high yields to produce in-folding displays, no other company will be able to launch in-folding foldable devices for a while", the official said. However, if you do lose out on charging the device, well, the 55W SuperCharge adapter is here to the rescue. Anything you name is surely something you would use a tablet for. So you're really only gaining 2 inches by opening it, which isn't really worth it in most situations.