Google Duo on the Web is Now Live

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"Once installed, users will need to navigate in the app to the hidden settings menu found at the "chrome://flags" URL before searching for "#enable-android-web-contents-dark-mode" in the search bar near the top of the ensuing page.

Many apps have launched dark mode functionality for their users and this is nothing new for browsers either.

As of now, the web-based Google Duo service is works with Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox but does not work with Microsoft Edge browser on Windows.

The setup is so easy that it only takes only a couple of minutes and you are done.

Duo uses your phone number to initiate your calls, but also got linked up to Google accounts early on as well, so I have no issue finding users and getting calls started easily.

Now You: Would you like to see such a feature in your mobile browser? For the ones who are yet to have access to web client will find themselves coming to the old Duo landing page.

Having recently started testing a group video calling feature, it looks like Google is upping the competition against the likes of Apple's FaceTime. The UI has also been created to display either regular or narrow [for a phone screen] video frames. After signing in, you will witness a search box with a list of your contacts beneath it. Click on a contact, choose the kind of call to make, and off it goes. So, what are you waiting for? Notably, the Google Duo on web supports notification for incoming as well.

With this expansion, Duo is now available wherever users might need it, and, in turn, this is in line with Google's increasing attempts to clean up its messaging ecosystem. The other reason is that people are liking the app to the great extent.