France freeze assets of JeM chief Masood Azhar

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Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang expressed China's stance at a daily press briefing when commenting on Beijing's decision to delay a bid at the United Nations to blacklist militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed's (JeM) leader as a terrorist. "Bow to Xi in China", he said in the same tweet, recalling the Chinese leader's three-day visit to India in 2014 during which the two leaders sat on a swing in Ahmedabad at the Sabarmati riverfront.

Sources say while the worldwide opinion was largely in favour of imposing sanctions on Azhar, China has shown that it would not act under the pressure of anyone and especially the United States.

Indian traders have launched a boycott of goods imported from China and plan to burn the products in public on March 19, reports said Friday.

It was the third time that the UN Security Council considered a request to put Masood Azhar on the UN sanctions blacklist, which would have subjected him to a global travel ban and assets freeze.

Hashtags like #BoycottChina, #Chinabacksterror, #BoycottChinesegoods and #BoycottChineseproducts aredoing the rounds on Twitter. Similar campaigns in the past have proved ineffectual.

China is India's biggest trading partner, but the trade imbalance is skewed heavily in favour of Beijing. "In 2019, India has the worldwide support", she said. "As per your utterances, you enjoy a close relationship with China.when you went to Mansarovar, you said you are in touch with Chinese why could not you persuade China to take action Masood Azhar", he asked.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley warned against any hasty reaction. This, for the reason that China has a Veto power, while India is still not a full-fledged member of this Council.

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Gandhi had called Prime Minister Narendra Modi "weak" and "scared" of Chinese President Xi Jinping. "Bow to Xi in China". "He must be headlining in Pakistan", Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said Thursday. "China wouldn't be in UNSC had your great grandfather not "gifted" it to them at India's cost", BJP reacted on Twitter.

The second security council diplomat also slammed Pakistan for depending on China to protect terrorist groups and leaders that operate from its soil. Why is China not responding to global demand? This could drag the issue for nine more months, when China can again put another spoke in the Indian wheel.

She asserted that India had secured "unprecedented support" from the worldwide community for listing the JeM chief under the UN Sanctions Committee.

China said it needed "more time to conduct a thorough, in-depth investigation" on the matter of listing Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. "Recently China "firmly opposed" PM Modi's Arunachal visit", they added.