European Union urges 'maximum restraint' from India, Pakistan after air strike

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Kashmir is split between the two countries but claimed by each in its entirety.

Although he did not refer to the overnight incursion by the Indian fighter jets, Mr Alvi did say India had created "hysteria" after the attack on Indian troops in Kashmir.

Pakistan's military spokesman, Maj.

India's decision to strike the JeM terrorist training camp came despite sabre rattling by Imran Khan who had vowed that Pakistan would retaliate if India carried out any strike.

"India began showering Pakistan with accusations immediately after the attack without any evidence in hand or shared", Ghafoor said.

He said: "In this operation a very large number of Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists, trainers, senior commanders and jihadis being trained were eliminated".

The spokesman said the bombs fell near Balakot, a town in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in Pakistan. The damage assessment is yet to be done, however, news agency - ANI quoted Indian Air Force sources and reported that the bombs were dropped in terrorist camps located in Balakot area in Muzaffarabad district in Pakistan.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said on Tuesday that "better sense" should prevail, warning India not to challenge Pakistan.

Pakistan and India both lay claim to a united Kashmir.

Military planes could be heard over Srinagar, the capital of Indian-controlled Kashmir, throughout Monday night and Tuesday morning. The retaliation will increase tensions between the two nuclear armed neighbours. Pakistan has, however, officially outlawed the group and seized some of its property.

- 1971 -India and Pakistan fight another war, not over Kashmir but over Islamabad's rule in then East Pakistan, with New Delhi supporting Bengali nationalists seeking independence for what would become Bangladesh.

The EU on Tuesday called on New Delhi and Islamabad to exercise "maximum restraint" after Indian warplanes attacked a militant camp in Pakistan, sending tensions soaring between the nuclear-armed arch-rivals.

The DG ISPR also observed that India was to hold elections in the coming months even as "an indigenous struggle in occupied Kashmir is at its peak and out of India's control". He called the attack an "unprovoked" violation of the 2003 cease-fire.

He said peace has established in Pakistan as a result of sacrifices of martyrs.

In this case, it was likely the Pakistani security forces were only alerted after the strike, allowing Indian jets enough time to cross back into their own airspace. The JeM group had taken responsibility for the attack. Secondary reports citing unnamed official Indian sources have noted that targets outside of the camp at Balakot were targeted too. In a tweet Tuesday, he said, "Indian aircrafts intruded from Muzafarabad sector".

Two countries are "fighting" over Kashmir, but the people of the territory do not have any say, he observed.