EU Brexit negotiator says United Kingdom 'decision more important than extra time'

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More than 400 Mail readers have voted in an online poll about whether or not they back Labour's call for a further referendum on leaving the EU. I am calling on the government to make this the basis of its own negotiations.

Barnier said that talks with the United Kingdom government would continue next week.

Elsewhere, MPs voted by 324 votes to 288 to reject a Scottish National Party motion to avoid "no deal".

The House of Commons has rejected Labour's Brexit amendment by a margin of 240 votes to 323. Eight Labour lawmakers and three Conservatives quit their parties last week to set up a new anti-Brexit group, the biggest such schism in British politics for decades.

A second referendum would enrage parts of the British public, including numerous pro-Brexit demonstrators outside of Parliament, some holding aloft placards that read "leave means leave" and "Brexit means Brexit - not blackmail".

But several MPs told the Guardian they believed Labour would now whip in favour of the redrafted Kyle-Wilson amendment.

Parliament will vote on any revised deal by March 12, and if lawmakers again refuse to back it, they would then vote the next day on whether Britain should leave without a deal.

This might be a simple vote of MPs after Mrs May's deal has been rejected. "That's the time when we will have to put the amendment up", he said.

Williamson also said he had celebrated the resignation of former Labour MP Joan Ryan, who defected to join the Independent Group of MPs last week.

Steve Lee: "It's sad to see so many in this area wishing to STILL leave the European Union when one or your major employers is slowly withdrawing from the area".

But he said the Kyle-Wilson amendment was acceptable to people from different positions.

Others argued that a referendum is "only for advice" and does not have to be followed if its result is not in the country's best interests.

It calls on the government to adopt Labour's Brexit plans, including a permanent customs union with the EU and close alignment with the bloc's single market. She said Parliament will get to vote again on her deal with the European Union by March 12. They don't sit down and wait for her to say "perhaps next week you will get an opportunity to vote".

Britain's Labour Party backs Brexit referendum By Reuters Thursday, February 28, 2019, 18:46 By Reuters Britain's main opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks during the annual conference of the EEF manufacturers organisation at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London, Feb 19, 2019.

Conservative MP Justine Greening has proposed three questions for the ballot paper, with a first and second-preference system used to allocate votes that would ensure one of the three options was eventually pushed over the 50 per cent mark.

In her reply, the Prime Minister insisted her "absolute focus" was on "getting a deal that can command support in parliament and leaving on 29 March". "We think there are certain scenarios where it could pass. We got there eventually and I hope that this sends a message to other people in the Labour Party that dismissing or delegitimising concerns about antisemitism isn't acceptable".

A large number of Labour seats backed Leave in the June 2016 referendum.

Irish Deputy Prime Minister Simon Coveney said the European Union "wants to work with the try to give the reassurance and clarification" it needs on the border issue. "All this is going to do is horribly expose yet another deep chasm in the PLP", he said.