Enable dark mode in Messenger by sending an emoji

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While rumor of the long-awaited Dark Mode has been circulating for a while now, it seems that Facebook may finally be testing the new feature.

But, it can get a bit tricky... to get the dark mode option in Messenger settings, you need to send someone the "crescent moon" emoji... like this . Newsweek confirmed the addition of "dark mode" to Messenger on several devices.

Credit: Tom's Guide/FacebookThe world's largest social network has turned on a secret dark mode in its Facebook Messenger app that isn't so simple to find.

From now on you can enjoy the Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger.

A redesigned UI, integrating Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram and encrypting the messaging services will be a good step towards keeping the users interested in these apps.

Though, not officially launched, Dark Mode on Messenger can be enabled by sending someone the moon emoji. Services like Twitter offer a dark mode you can enable. Though macOS Mojave got the dark mode previous year, the iOS users are still waiting for the same. This can be done in one-on-one conversations, group chats, or - if you don't want to bother anyone with emoji spam - you can even send it to yourself.

Jane in her tweet, said that the feature is coming on the heels of persistent pressure on Facebook to add its own version of dark mode. Your screen will then be showered with cute little moons. You have to tap through the ensuing popup menu.

The set of steps that you will see below is just exposure of one easter egg that will let you experience the gorgeous Dark Mode. Did you get it? Just under your name you should see the option to turn on dark mode.