Banks may 'hate' Apple for this card

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It also unveiled a new credit card tied to Apple Pay and Apple News+, a subscription news service. As one TV producer noted, "Spielberg opens up to announce. a 57-year-old comic and a 40-year-old show", in reference to Apple's reboot of Amazing Stories, which Spielberg is producing through his Amblin Entertainment company, which produced the original series in the 1980s. Witherspoon and Aniston announced The Morning Show, described by Aniston as "an honest look at the complex relationship between women and men in the workplace".

Apple is entering a crowded and growing video streaming field. "The whole world's got them in its hand, and that represents a major opportunity".

Apple's last and biggest announcement of the evening at its March event is yet another subscription service, following Arcade and News+. But it's not the only company readying a rival to Netflix, which spent $12 billion on content a year ago.

First off, don't mistake apples for oranges. More recently, though, reports have suggested that the higher-ups at Apple are taking a more hands-off approach, which is a good thing when one considers that some of the more popular programs on TV today - with Game of Thrones being one prime example - aren't exactly family friendly.

The answer, in short: Via's Apple existing TV app, which is already available on iPhones, iPads and Apple TV, and is scheduled to come to the company's line of Mac desktops and laptops later this year.

"Life often makes no sense", director JJ Abrams reassures viewers at the start of a marketing video heralding Apple's new (non) streaming service. To compete, Apple will have to spend, and spend richly.

Several analysts, however, warned not to count Apple out.

Apple will also have to prove itself a conducive home to artists.

"In The Morning Show, we pull back the curtain on the power dynamics between men and women in the high-stakes world of morning news shows". The event was packed with details about updates on gaming, news and payments. "I've joined in order to serve this moment because the Apple platform allows me to do what I do in a whole new way ... to take everything I've learned about connecting to people on the next level".

It will also have articles from some newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal and The Los Angeles Times.

Other than just a new platform to play games on, what you'll get for your cash (we don't know how much just yet) is the ability to try any game, all-you-can-play, with no ads or ad tracking.

Apple said pricing and availability for the TV+ service will be announced later this year.

The company's new Mastercard credit card, called Apple Card, won't have any late fees or annual fees and will offer 2 per cent cash back.

Now it makes sense why those specific rates weren't splashed on the Apple theater screen like other perks about the card, like no global fees and 2 percent cash back on Apple Pay purchases.