Aviation authority bans Boeing 737 MAX flights in Russian airspace

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Roman & Associates CEO Anthony Roman on the fallout for Boeing from the second crash of a Boeing 737 Max 8 plane.

He added that "the evidence we found on the ground made it even more likely the flight path was very close to Lion Air's".

He said the trend in USA courts was in Boeing's favor.

Norwegian Air has become the first airline to say publicly it will demand compensation for the grounding of its Boeing 737 Max planes in the aftermath of the weekend crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. And that doesn't include the costs the aerospace company will face, as deliveries of new aircraft are delayed to focus on the software changes.

Pilot and aviation attorney Ron McCallum said the preliminary findings of the two recent Boeing 737 Max crashes alone warrant the global grounding.

The manufacturer said it would continue its production rate of 52 aircraft per month, but its MAX fleet would not be delivered to airlines or leasing companies.

"I think most aviation experts will tell you that since we have automated aircraft, since the dawn of automation, safety has improved dramatically and while they are more complex they are definitely safer", said Elwell. "But in terms of a basic threat to their business and future, it is not a threat at all".

In January, Boeing said it expected to report revenue between $US109.5 billion and $US111.5 billion in 2019.

The company set a record for commercial plane deliveries in 2018 while increasing its margins.

On Wednesday, President Trump issued an emergency order to ground Boeing 737 Max 8 planes, following the fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash on Sunday which killed 157 people, with no survivors. However, most of those were using other jets, although there is bound to be a trickledown of cancelations and delays as airlines try to replace dozens of planes.

To recover from a stall, a pilot would normally push the plane's nose down.

"We still see some uncertainty around the timing of the grounding and risk around the root cause analysis", he said.

After last year's Lion Air disaster, Boeing issued guidance to pilots on how to manage the 737-Max's new computer-controlled stability system.

This is a new type of aircraft with a new black box, with new software.

Boeing's stock has fallen about 11% since the crash, wiping almost $26bn off its market value.

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is also sending three investigators to assist.

Analysts said order cancellations are highly unlikely and not a big financial threat for Boeing.

"Increasingly, attempts to litigate foreign crashes involving foreign airlines on foreign soil are being dismissed", he said.