Apple officially announces its own gaming subscription service

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Apple's news comes on the heels of Google's recent announced plans to dive into the gaming market as well. Dubbed "Apple Arcade", this new gaming venture is still exclusive to the iOS platform.

Privacy is also a key focus at today's announcement.

The first month is free, then the subscription price is US$9.99 a month.

Accessing Arcade will be simple, merely requiring subscribers to open up the App Store and navigate to the "Arcade" section to browse playable content. Or, at least, some version of The Wall Street Journal.

"What you read about in Apple news will not follow you across the web", said Roger Rosner, vice president of Applications at Apple, emphasizing the company won't know what users are reading. Apple has an internal team that decides which news stories are shown to users. As the fine print on Apple's website points out, however, missing payments will lead to increased interest charges. It also said it will use analytics to chart trends in your spending. You can sign up to get notified about availability on Apple's website.

"We tried to do it with Texture, but it's a hard reach when you don't have someone like Apple behind it", said Art Slusark, a spokesman for Meredith which owns People, Better Homes & Gardens and In Style and other magazines.

On additional services, Apple said it would offer a credit card in partnership with Goldman Sachs to be integrated with Apple Pay.

Notably, there are no annual fees, no late fees, no hidden fees, no worldwide fees, no over-the-limit fees. Apple Arcade will also include family sharing, but they didn't go into specifics. It's very sleek, as you would expect from Apple.

Apple's goal, other sources have told Reuters, is to bring together television shows in one place to make it easier to find, buy and watch them.

The Apple Card will be available later this year. In the meantime, Lifehacker finance writer Alicia has some thoughts on the matter.

All in all, Apple says that the App Store sees 500 million weekly visitors, and the most popular category on the storefront is games.

When it launches in the fall, Apple Arcade will feature over 100 brand new games that are exclusive to the service. You can expect to see some high profile titles that will be locked to this service.

Apple's big event today seems to be all about subscription services. Apple is announcing some major publishers that will also be part of its new news subscription as well, though a lot of big-name publishers are missing from the list. Set to be released this Fall 2019, the service will be accessible in over 150 countries.

It's not, therefore, Apple's "Netflix of games".

She expected Apple TV+ to be more of a channel at its streaming video service, similar to an HBO, than to be a "one-stop-shop" that would stand alone.

Details on just what and how curated WSJ material will be made available via Apple News+ were not yet available. There are three columns of thumbnails, each showing a different magazine.

Apple's TV push has been cloaked in mystery.