Apple announces 'Apple Card,' coming to United States this summer

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Apple promises that their credit card is better than traditional credit cards in several ways.

At the event, Tim Cook, chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple, said the company would expand its services to compensate for the 2018 drop in the sales of iPhone, its most popular product. With the Daily Cash feature, the cashback is available each day to use. These titles will not be available on any other platform, in any other place.

Apple Pay users can now get a physical credit card to go along with the Wallet app. On the website, it's promised that Daily Cash is actual cash you can transfer to a bank account, use for other shopping needs, or to pay for your card balance.

Apple has partnered with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard, which will allow the card to be accepted all over the world.

Apple has announced that the Apple News Plus service is being launched immediately in the U.S. and Canada and other geographies will start getting it in due course. Apple is taking a different approach by offering paid "channels" from AT&T Inc's HBO, Lions Gate Entertainment's Starz and CBS Corp's Showtime, alongside its own content.

There was no word on whether Apple will send round the iBailiffs clad in "Genius" gear if you've gone a little bit overboard on ivory back-scratchers and pork scratchings. But if you're a credit card user, it just got a little more complicated. Ideally, you'll be using the physical card as sparingly as possible - only in instances where the retailer you're purchasing items from doesn't accept Apple Pay. There is no limit on how much Daily Cash you can receive, either.

AppleHow do you pay your Apple Card bill? The card doesn't show a number, an expiry date or anything.

According to Apple, there are no fees for the Apple Card.

Another Apple Card perk is that it'll come free of fees-meaning not only no annual fees but also no late or overdraft fees - and the company says interest rates will be low by comparison with industry standard rates. Unveiled early this morning, Apple Arcade will cater to all of the company's devices, whether it's iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac.

Yes, but it isn't plastic. Historically, Apple has been a brand that makes paradigm-shifting technology sold at premium prices.

Instead, Apple Card details can be found in Apple Wallet. He said this may encourage other banks to develop similar cards, ditching the old design to make transactions more secure. Apple wants people to know that if they subscribed to these magazines individually, they may have to spend as much as $8000. Apple says because Goldman Sachs is a newcomer to the credit card space, it is able to create a new experience for customers, which includes never sharing or selling data to third-parties for marketing and advertising.

Arguably one of the more attractive features is Apple's no-fee policy. Apple is touting "richly designed articles" that let people read publications tailored to Apple devices in all their glory.

Apple Card uses machine learning and Apple Maps to label transactions. Oh, and in a little dig at Google Stadia and other streaming services, Apple also noted that you'll be able to take all of these games and play them offline.

Categories will also be colour-coded to help you quickly see what you have spent money on.