1000 school pupils attend Edinburgh’s climate change protest at Scottish Parliament

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Thousands of school students walked out of class across Australia and New Zealand on Friday as part of a global student strike against government inaction on climate change.

"The University of Malta student council shall be rallying students and youths in Malta to participate in this Friday's global students4climate strikes".

In addition to a major rally at the USA capitol and more than 70 events around the country, the actions will include an 11-minute school walkout at 11am ET to draw attention to a recent United Nations report warning that we have just 11 years to avoid a climate change catastrophe.

It will be the largest global school strike day so far. I'd like the opportunity to end those problems, but if we don't fix climate change, I won't get that chance. "I ended up saving one manatee. He's adorable", she says. There are also students in other parts of the province, including Bridgewater and Amherst, organizing their own walkouts. It could be a great advantage to have youth representation for climate change in Hong Kong as this would allow future generations to have a voice and more control over our collective future. A 4 March letter now signed by more than 240 USA scientists says that the "students' demands for bold, urgent action are fully supported by the best available science".

In Philadelphia, a group of about a dozen young people met last weekend in a row house to prepare for the protest.

"I think it was important for us as scientists to say that on the science, on the severity of the problem, yes, they do know what they are talking about".

Young people in MA - and around the world - will cut class on Friday to send a message to adults: Do something about climate change.

We are marching at the legislature because we want the provincial government to take climate change seriously, and not keep fighting the carbon tax.

Three Norwegian lawmakers put forth the 16-year-old's name. She's been working on logistics.

"It's outrageous. But we're not going to sit and watch our futures being trashed due to their addiction to the fossil fuel industry", says Thorpe. "Dealing with adults is a little scary".

Establish youth representatives within the Steering Committee on Climate Change in Hong Kong. "It's a much better day of education", he said.

Segal says he welcomes these newcomers to the public policy arena. They're striking at unis, in secondary schools, in primary schools, in kindergartens.

She said the system was "kinda stupid".

"Our Earth can not wait and we can not do it by ourselves and we need the government to help us now", she said.