Webb on Reaction to Jussie Smollett Claims: 'It's About Pushing a Narrative'

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However, the question of a grand jury proceeding has come up in Chicago's local media as well.

"There are no plans for Jussie Smollett to meet with Chicago police today", Crisis manager Anna Kavanagh said in a statement.

Guglielmi said Sunday the interview had not yet been conducted.

The rapper admits she's reserving complete judgement until Smollett tells the whole story, but says if it was all a lie, "then bro, you f*cked up for real".

Law enforcement officials were reportedly suspicious of Smollett's story from early on for multiple reasons.

Among those reacting to the latest developments was Donald Trump Jr., President Trump's son, who noted that many people who initially issued statements on the attack quietly deleted them, including presidential contender Sen.

Both brothers apparently left Chicago on the day of the alleged attack and were detained when they returned Wednesday. He added later, "You don't want to go out and publicly start questioning someone who talks about a horrific attack like this until you've got the goods".

Police said they combed surveillance video in the heavily monitored area where Smollett said the attack occurred but were unable to find any footage of the incident. What he didn't know was that the camera was pointed in the wrong direction and didn't capture the incident. Cops thought it was weird he knew the location of that camera.

Or because it's Chicago.

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How likely do you think it is that attackers would shout, "This is MAGA country" in Chicago, a place that no one thinks is MAGA country?

"There were always questions", Alisyn Camerota commented this morning, "about some of the more unusual elements of this story".

Her statement had said, "The racist, homophobic attack on @JussieSmollett is an affront to our humanity".

The embattled "Empire" star paid $3,500 to bodybuilding brothers Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo before they left for Nigeria the day of the January 29 attack, and promised another $500 upon their return to the United States, sources told CBS Chicago. In practice, it is extremely unlikely either Smollett or those promoting his hoax will ever answer for it.

"We are not racist", the statement read.

Pelosi was not the only high-profile politician to weigh in. Sen.

But by Friday night they had been released, Guglielmi said, "due to new evidence as a result of today's investigations".

Chicago police said Saturday the investigation into the assault reported by Jussie Smollett has "shifted" due to information received from two brothers questioned in the case, and attorneys for the "Empire" actor blasted reports alleging he played a role in his own attack.

The actor has denied this via his legal team, making it clear that he was "angry and disappointed" over being 'further victimized'.

Pugh said a possible sit-down would depend on "scheduling availability". Although Smollett has denied these allegations, things are overall not looking too great for him right now.