Victim's father to sue church over Pell abuse

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Dr Parkinson was one of few senior WA Catholics to speak publicly yesterday as the Church closed ranks, reeling from Cardinal Pell's conviction. The boys were 13 at the time.

The newly-installed Archbishop of Melbourne scolded the boys, before exposing his penis from beneath his ceremonial robes and molesting the pair.

The court had issued a suppression order on the trial out of concern that a second trial Pell faced could be prejudiced by the outcome of the first case.

Angry protesters called Cardinal George Pell a "maggot" and a "monster" Wednesday as he arrived in court, possibly for the last time as a free man, in a last-ditch push for bail while he appeals his historic conviction for child sex crimes.

Ten character references have been tendered in court for Pell, with one from Australian Catholic University Vice-Chancellor Greg Graven and another from former prime minister John Howard.

Archbishop Costelloe said previous year that the planned changes "will not make children safer but may, in fact, have the opposite effect", because perpetrators will not confess to the sin, leaving priests unable to convince them to report their crime to police. I was in shock and didn't tell. "Like many survivors it has taken me years to understand the impact upon my life", the victim said in a statement. What a load of absolute and disgraceful rubbish.

Pell was also convicted of groping the victim who gave evidence, on a separate occasion, again inside St Patrick's.

Judge Kidd told the court that Pell "thought he was going to get away with" the rape of one child and sexual assault of another.

The whole case was based exclusively on the 35-year-old's testimony as the alleged second victim died from a drug overdose well before the proceedings began. The other convictions related to improperly touching the boys.

Fr Joe said he'd never met Pell, but had always regarded him as ambitious and said Pell had never portrayed the image of a person he would try to emulate.

But unusually, Pell wasn't taken into custody immediately because he had surgery scheduled to have both knees replaced.

Australian journalist Gerard Henderson wrote that Pell has been the victim of a "modern-day witch hunt", while highlighting biased coverage of Pell by the Australian media, which he attributed to journalistic hostility to "Pell's conservatism".

But Magistrate chief Judge Peter Kidd put Richter "on notice" that he did not consider the offending anywhere near the "low end".

Survivors of child abuse were elated with Pell's conviction and relieved that the testimony of one boy had been believed by a jury of 12 people.

Coleridge wanted the public to know that the Bishops of Australia agree with the equality of the law for all individuals. As already stated on other occasions, we reiterate the utmost respect for the Australian judicial authorities.

President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, Archbishop Mark Coleridge said he hoped "justice will be served".

He ended the statement on an optimistic vision for the future of the Church and the victims who have been affected.