Trump will call for unity in today's State of the Union address

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While many Republicans will likely be very supportive publicly about President Donald Trump's State of the Union address Tuesday night, many are expressing doubts behind the scenes about how effective he will be.

The president is also expected to call for political unity and an end to the partisan politics dividing the nation.

The State of the Union will be Tuesday at 8 p.m. Both Trump and Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams, who will deliver the rebuttal, have used that idea to preview their remarks.

President Trump stressed the Democrat Party is playing "bad politics" with border security, which is hurting America's national interest. The televised responses began in 1966.

Conway expects the same Tuesday night, with her boss sometimes going off script "for emphasis".

How did we get here?

Asked about a potential emergency declaration, Hoeven said the best solution is "getting to one where Congress puts together a funding package for border security, including all three components as I've laid out, that is acceptable to the House, the Senate and to the president".

But that's where "business as usual" stopped.

Other Democrats plan to bring undocumented immigrants to send a message as Trump's political agenda centres around reducing immigrants and making it more hard for refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers to enter the US. But Pelosi and her Democrats will be breathing down his neck.

Millions of Americans are expected to watch the address on television, giving the Republican president his biggest opportunity to date to explain why he believes a barrier is needed on the USA southern border with Mexico.

Donald Trump wife Melania. and son Baron attend the ceremony honoring him with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Donald Trump wife Melania and son Baron. | Vince Bucci Getty Images

The back-and-forth escalated from there, with Pelosi's office accusing the White House of leaking the delegation's plans to complete the trip via commercial travel. "There are a lot of people within the Clinton White House that felt that that saved his presidency".

Trump often cites Rasmussen as a rare example of a trustworthy poll, suggesting others are operated by "fake news" outets that are slanted against him.

White House officials confirmed as much, telling NPR they requested a security walk-through as though the speech would still take place on january 29.

On Sunday, President Trump blasted Nancy Pelosi in a CBS interview. But given that it's an issue where Trump now holds a comparatively weak hand, he'll be best served by getting through it quickly and focusing on his administration's greatest concrete success: the strong US economy.

Gone are the days when the House speaker, Paul Ryan, was a Trump sycophant; Trump must now work with a Democratic House speaker who isn't shy about standing up to him.

Trump continued to push his wall in a Tuesday morning tweet ahead of his evening remarks, noting that the Pentagon has sent more troops to the U.S. southern border. But the administration doesn't need Nancy Pelosi's permission to carry on with regulatory reform, so look for Trump to lean into that in his speech.

Watch the body language among the would-be Democratic presidents: Who's talking to whom, who gets or gives a hug or a kiss, whose heads are bowed in hushed conversation. The address was delayed due to the historic 35-day government shut down and rescheduled for today.

Not likely to extend a hand to Trump: The star of the Democratic freshmen, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of NY. The speech was delayed for a week because of the shutdown, which ended on January 25.

White House officials are previewing a conciliatory tone from the president, as they have done before previous addresses to Congress that didn't turn out to be so conciliatory after all.