The pinching hand emoji will only be used for small dicks

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Numerous new emoji have to do with with accessibility and mobility. This year, emojis will provide an even more diverse representation of people, more skin tones, people with disabilities, gender inclusive couples and pairs of people with different skin tones.

Another new emoji raising eyebrows is the so-called "pinching hand", which is already being referred to online as the "small penis emoji".

Some of the new emojis include people in manual and motorized wheelchairs, people with seeing and hearing impairments, and more.

The people holding hands emojis have four combinations of gender and all the various combinations of skin tones, for a total of 71 new variants.

Today 230 new Emojis were revealed, and one in particular has sent the internet into overdrive.

Other non-disability emojis being premiered include a sloth, an otter, a flamingo, onions, garlic, and waffles. This latest batch of emoji will also see one representing a woman's period.

The 2019 annual Emojipedia list is Apple's 6th emoji update since 2014, and software developers consulted a number of charities to cumulate a more diverse list this year.

The proposal was validated by the Unicode consortium, which distributes emojis across mobile devices.

All the details on this update - Emoji 12.0 for those keeping track - will be finalized in March. Up to now disability has been greatly under-represented'. Apple said it developed the proposed emojis in collaboration with the American Council of the Blind and the National Association of the Deaf, among other organizations.

"Some people might feel like they just don't want that to define them".