Savage Arrested By ICE Agents In Atlanta, Says He’s A UK Citizen

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She later clarified that she was not making light of the arrest; she was laughing at a meme about 21 Savage writing with a feather plume, because he is apparently British.

Abraham-Joseph entered the USA legally in July 2005, but has been present in the country illegally since his visa expired in July 2006, Cox said.

So if that's the reason for 21 Savage's arrest, it's "based on incorrect information about prior criminal charges".

In just over 24 hours, it has had 101,671 of the 200,000 signatures needed for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to take note. ICE said Sunday that the 26-year-old rap star is being held in Georgia and would be placed into removal proceedings in federal immigration court.

He said Abraham-Joseph was convicted on felony drug charges in Georgia in 2014, and was arrested on Sunday as part of a targeted operation with the cooperation of local law enforcement.

The 26-year-old singer chose to deactivate her account after facing a massive backlash from the Twitter community for mocking 21 Savage, who had been arrested by ICE in Atlanta on Sunday. The meme was captioned, "This how 21 Savage be writing his verses".

Speaking about his 2014 arrest, the rapper previously told GQ he was arrested after being pulled over in a auto that was filled with contraband.

The arrest, of course, comes amidst ICE's "radicalization" under the Trump administration.

As an adult, 21 Savage has since been trying to get his immigration status right. "There is no misunderstanding".

Lovato continued, "Lastly, I wasn't making fun on [sic] anything having to do with deportation or even anything against him, I was laughing at who the f- knew 21 was British?"

The statement also indicates 21 was applying for a visa on the grounds that he was the victim of a crime; he was allegedly shot in a 2013 incident in which his best friend was murdered, and was "severely affected physically and mentally", per Kuck. The rapper's representatives say the conviction was expunged.

Stars from the United States rap scene including Cardi B, Quavo and Metro Boomin have thrown their support behind a campaign created by the Black Lives Matter movement to free rapper 21 Savage.

As the story goes, 21 grew up in Atlanta with a Dominican mother and 10 siblings.

ICE says that's pretty much all fake.

Added another ICE official, "His whole public persona is false".

If he is deported, the artist could face a 10-year ban on returning to the United States.

He and his music are deeply associated with Atlanta, and the revelation of his foreign origins brought surprise and social-media memes about his Englishness.