Samsung unveils Galaxy Fold phone, to be released in April

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For me the most exciting part is that you can use this thing as a relatively small 4.6-inch phone. The device will have a 4.6-inch (11.7 cm) display while folded and a 7.3-inch (18.5 cm) display when unfolded.

There's a lot of cool engineering going on to make this work.

The hinge itself will be customizable by color too, according to the firm. The two batteries act as one power source, Denison said.

However, it's not clear at this time whether the device will feature a full-scale wallet developed by Samsung - as had been rumored - or whether it will merely have support for private key storage that developers can then use to produce their own secure bitcoin wallets.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 processor coupled with 6GB RAM and 128 GB storage and 8GB of RAM with 512GB of storage.

This Nintendo DS for the modern era comes at a cost though.

Outside of those enhancements, the S10 5G is similar to its more petite stablemates.

The Galaxy Buds will arrive on March 8 for $129, though they'll come included with the Galaxy S10 phones the company announced on Wednesday for those who pre-order before that date. There will also be a Galaxy S10 5G due in May, with an even bigger 6.7-inch screen.

We have already seen Samsung's new earbuds and the Galaxy watches but it looks like they won't be the only accessory to launch at the event.

The Galaxy S10 also has a refreshed design, with a punch-hole in the screen for the 10MP front-facing camera. The display offers HDR10+, blue light reduction of up to 42 per cent, 1200 nits brightness and more colour accuracy. There's no in-display fingerprint scanner either, with Samsung instead opting for a side-mounted capacitive sensor. On the surface, the new triple-camera system will allow for greater detail and better pictures. Many cities won't be covered with the new high-speed, low-latency, high-bandwidth cellular technology, which means 5G devices will end up falling back on 4G LTE connections.

The tech website also raised the issue of just how little the Samsung product reveals may surprise, given the amount of "persistent, comprehensive and probably-extremely-accurate series of leaks" that have proceeded today's event.

Honestly though the most courageous news is that these Samsung phones still have headphones jacks. Samsung is hoping that consumers will be drawn to the Galaxy Fold because it would let people access both a smartphone and tablet in one package that's less bulky than so-called phablets that are essentially oversized smartphones.