Quarterback John Wolford Stars in AAF Debut for Arizona Hotshots

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The opening game went up against the National Basketball Association which was on ABC and actually won in the ratings. The AAF also offers secondary education scholarships and an internship program to players who complete at least a year in the league.

It remains to be seen whether the AAF catches hold or falls to the wayside like previous alternative football failures, such as the UFL and XFL. March also has the National Basketball Association and NHL regular seasons winding down and those games will be important for qualification and seeding.

Stoutland doesn't want other chefs in his kitchen, meaning the vast majority of players in the AAF and the XFL in 2020 will be unaffiliated.

Just as importantly, it's not a particularly compelling product. Warner, who was an undrafted quarterback out of college, fought his way to the National Football League, eventually winning two MVP awards and leading the then St. Louis Rams to a Super Bowl victory. Sure, there will be a number of players who prove they are worthy of another shot in the National Football League, but those will be few and far between. It's offensive football numbers from the 1970's, when defensive backs could legally assault receivers.

Sure, the novelty will eventually wear off.

The former second round NFL Draft pick appeared to forget that he was mic'd up during the game, televised on CBS Sports Network.

Because of that, there is a lack of star power and elite talent throughout the league.

Let's lay out how that would work. The more reps you get, I call them bars of gold. Maybe even get another crack at the NFL. Yes, those are pie-in-the-sky numbers right away, but they are achievable in short order if you lay the groundwork for success. The average National Football League game drew 15.8 million viewers in 2018, which translates to far higher overnight results in metered markets. Spring training starts this week and you've barely know it. Now ahead 12-6, the Commanders went for the two point conversion, but were unsuccessful. Unequivocally, the AAF had a great first weekend with lots of chatter about the games and lots of viral moments, none of them involving Christian Hackenberg in a good way. "It was really fun to play in front of them".

The Alliance is a mix of guys who used to play in the NFL, were in NFL camps or on practice squads but couldn't stick and guys who played in college but weren't good enough for an NFL look.

The AAF is experimenting with things that could make their way to the National Football League someday, such as no kickoffs and a "Sky judge" which reviews all plays and can reverse calls on the field if egregious errors are made. Do you think an National Football League owner wouldn't do that? I'll be more interested to see what kind of ratings The Alliance gets next weekend and beyond.

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