NBA All-Star Game Preview, Tips, and Odds

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Tipoff is set for 8 p.m. ET, and you can catch the game on TNT.

Jokic, easily a Top-5 candidate for the Most Valuable Player award this season, is averaging 20.4 points, 10.6 rebounds, and 7.7 assists per game for the West's 2-ranked Nuggets. Because, in the end, every time a player takes control of his career to go to a bigger market to team up with another star, a franchise like the Pelicans is left to dig out of the rubble. Wade is retiring after 16 seasons, majority with the Heat.

Best job of using volleyball skills to get ready for a basketball game: Joel Embiid and Steph Curry. "It feels like this whole weekend has been that way".

"Considering how many people show up for our games", Stephen said, "the stakes are high". "But to have the moment that I visualized, that's all I needed". James had two options for his last pick - Wade and Dallas Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki, who are both special additions to the All-Star game - and of course, he picked his closest buddy in the league.

"I hear all these clowns on TV talking about, 'It's great that all these players are exuding these powers, '" Barkley said. I went to Greece and I watched him play and I went to my partner (Panou) and said you have something there. Team World won the last two matchups, but behind a strong performance by Kuzma and Tatum that streak ended and U.S. basketball showed the future is bright in the United States.

It's now Nowitzki's 14th All-Star appearance, Wade's 13th. It's a good thing defense isn't the focal point of this game, because if it was this would be a big loss for Team LeBron. "Obviously going through the whole process, you're going through everything". It included attendees such as Magic Johnson, Tim Hardaway, Charles Barkley, Donovan Mitchell, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. Wade sat courtside with his family at the slam dunk contest, drew one of the loudest ovations during Sunday's pregame introductions and tossed a lob to James for a thunderous dunk in the second half.

The NBA's all-time leader in 3-pointers made scored 24 points in the league's Celebrity Game Friday night, taking advantage of 4-point shots and lighting it up from way downtown.

"I'm just keeping it real, to be honest", Davis said while talking with reporters. I know I got so much knowledge of the game that I don't want to, once I stop playing, just to get away from the game. My team did an wonderful job, my family.

All-Star Weekend is upon us, and the city of Charlotte is buzzing with activity. It definitely was my most enjoyable.