MWC19: Huawei unveils foldable phone

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So it stands to reason that Huawei's first entrant into both categories should debut at the Barcelona-based trade show.

From the front, you actually might have issues identifying the Mate X from any other larger screened phone.

Because you can always see at least one screen when folded, Huawei didn't need to add cameras to every side of the device. - He is talking about how Huawei has become one of the top smartphone brands in the last few years.

The cloud over Huawei also includes USA criminal charges filed last month against the company and its chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou, who US prosecutors want to extradite from Canada. You can take a picture using the main display while the subject is visible in the secondary display that is facing them. As we got closer to this year's mobile congress, Huawei confirmed that it'll do the same thing with the P30 series, which will be unveiled in late March in Paris, France.

In case you were wondering whether you can hide the Galaxy S10's display camera hole, the answer is yes, SamMobile reports.

From a marketing standpoint, this is one of the better hands-on videos we have seen from a company. The front has a resolution of 2480 x 1148 and 2480 x 892 on the back.

Sadly, neither the Mate X offers a headphone jack, nor the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Just when you thought Samsung's Galaxy Fold was wildly expensive, along comes the Huawei Mate X to prove that when it comes to the price of foldable phones, the sky's the limit. Comparatively, the Galaxy Fold's main screen is found on the inside, with a second smaller screen found on the phone's back.

Huawei calls the new hinge system a "Falcon hinge". Huawei seems to have put a lot of thought into designing the device. While many will disagree, I found that Huawei's design is vastly superior to that of Samsung's new Galaxy Fold.

Huawei might not be the first manufacturer to announce a foldable smartphone but its Mate X takes the crown in other areas. Because there's two batteries, they can be charged at the same time at high charging rates. With 55W charging, the Mate X can fill 85 percent of its 4,500mAh battery in just 30 minutes.

The Huawei Mate X will be available from 2299 euros (~$2600) starting in "mid-summer".

In terms of colourway the Mate X comes in Interstellar Blue.

The Mate X's insides are equally as impressive.

Powering Huawei's new futuristic hardware is the firm's Kirin 980 processor, the same as is present inside the Mate 20 Pro.

Huawei claims the Balong is capable of 4.6Gpbs download speeds. We're not sure if the phone supports mmWave connectivity.

The Mate X features an 8-inch screen and when unfolded, it measures just 5.4mm thin So what is it that makes the foldable Mate X so special compared to the competition?