Meghan and Harry in their own words: 'Our feud with Kate'

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Meghan Markle had quite the day on Wednesday. The Mona Lisa style portrait, created by illustrator Tim O'Brien, portrays Duchess Meghan in her most regal pose ever, wearing an 18th-century style gown, multiple pearl necklaces and, of course, a tiara! There was reportedly a lavish baby shower at one of the fanciest hotels in the city hosted by Meghan's close friend Serena Williams. "She's very kind, she's very generous and a really, really sweet person". "With a baby coming, it might be time to look at things and try it again". The insider further pointed out how she is not getting any help from Kate Middleton, who "is living in the lap of luxury in the 20-room, four-story Apartment 1A!"

The Duchess of Sussex made a surprise five-day solo trip to NY to catch up with a cluster of her closest celebrity friends and enjoy a lavish baby shower. But obviously because it's Meghan Markle and she is literally gestating a future prince/princess right now, as you can guess there were some gifts in the lead up to it. It was the former American actor's first trip back to the United States since her marriage to Prince Harry at Windsor Castle last May.

She jetted of to NY, where she enjoyed a lavish baby shower with some of her best friends.

It's also a busy time of the year for the Duchess of Cambridge. Markle rocked a gorgeous gown from Calvin Klein at the event and wasn't afraid to show off her growing baby bump.

Meghan's friend and ex-Suits co-star Abigail Spencer (Picture: Splash News)Who went to Meghan's baby shower?

She's on holiday herself at the moment, with William and the kiddos.

Meghan is preparing to give birth in late April or early May.