Indian planes bomb Pakistan as Kashmir tensions escalate

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Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Keshav Gokhale called the strike a "non-military pre-emptive action, specifically targeted at the Jaish-e-Muhammad camp".

Indian forces and air defenses have been put on high alert while waiting for possible reaction by Pakistan.

Jaish, Gokhale asserted, was the terror group active in Pakistan for the last two decades, led by Maulana Masood Azhar, whose headquarters are based in Bahawalpur, Punjab province.

Pakistan's military spokesman, Maj.

An intel input reports that the Pakistan Army has undertaken a sanitation drive and is hiding bodies of terrorists killed in the Balakot camp strike so as to avert any claims or questions from New Delhi.

Balakot is located around 80 kilometre from Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir, where this Jaish-e-Mohammed's training camp was set up.

On Monday night, Indian jets twice flew close to the border - first at Lahore-Sialkot border, and then at Okara-Bahawalpur border, but Pakistan Air Force (PAF) CAP teams challenged them and scared them away.

He said the Indian planes dropped their payloads near Balakot, causing no damage to infrastructure or casualties. There was no immediate explanation for the differing accounts, although India and Pakistan routinely contradict one another. I want to assure you that the country is in safe hands.

"I do not think this conflict is risky for the world or for the two countries", Smruti S. Pattanaik, research fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses in New Delhi, told RT.

Insurgents in Indian-controlled Kashmir have been demanding either outright independence or union with Pakistan. Gen. Asif Ghafoor, the director-general of Pakistan's Inter-Services Public Relations, the military's public relations arm, said that the Indian aircraft had not hit any targets of significance.

Yes, we struck Pakistan but it is Not an act of War, says Govt.

India conducts air-strikes: follow live updates here.

Pakistan has outlawed Jaish-e-Mohammad and seized its property in south Punjab's Bawahalpur area, including religious schools and mosques.

Analysts predicted a strike by New Delhi after at least 40 Indian paramilitary police died in a suicide bombing on their convoy in Pulwama earlier this month. The Pulwama attack was the deadliest against Indian security personnel in Kashmir in 30 years.

India has accused Pakistan of allowing military groups to operate on its territory.

This organization, which is proscribed by the United Nations, has been responsible of a series of terrorist attacks including on the Indian Parliament in December 2001 and the Pathankot airbase in January 2016.

The US has said it supports India's "Right to self-defence" in the back of the attack. They urged people to exercise restraint and said that there should be no attacks on Kashmiri students, a source said.