How to watch the supermoon in the UK

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This moon appears this big because it is closest to the Earth's orbit.

Combine these two phrases and you have the Super Snow Moon which is set to reach peak fullness over Ireland at around 3:53pm GMT tomorrow. A Super Moon can be seen in the Netherlands three to four times a year. However, it will still put on a show both Monday and Tuesday night.

Find out your local time for moonrise and moonset here or watch a livestream of the supermoon seen from Rome.

The Cherokee referred to it as the "Bone Moon" as it was the time of the year when food was so scarce that people nibbled on bones and drank bone marrow soup.

Then we had the 'extra' supermoon, the super blue blood moon and the super blood wolf moon.

Keen stargazers across Australia are getting ready for a glimpse of the biggest and brightest full moon of the year when it lights up the sky on Tuesday night.

She said the phenomenon is visible to the naked eye and the moon will look bigger and clearer than usual.

The supermoon will occur during this full moon because it will be closest in its orbit to Earth. The sight of a full moon rising over the ocean is one of the finest there is, so I encourage you to catch it if you can. The origin of the name is about what you'd expect: February is typically a month with ample snow in many places, hence the name that became associated with its super moon. The average angular diameter of the moon -the angle covered by the lunar disc as viewed from the Earth's surface - is 31 arc minutes.

"Some believe that a full moon is responsible for their shorter or more disturbed sleep, as well as events such as sleepwalking", Massey University sleep researcher Dr Karyn O'Keeffe said.

The next full moon is falling on March 20 and it will also be a Super Moon.

January's supermoon was a popular talking point because of its visual similarities to that of a total lunar eclipse, which turned the moon an eerie shade of red.