Flowers from Meghan Markle's baby shower donated to charity

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At Meghan Markle's star-studded baby shower in New York City this week, one of the expected parts of the affair was of course flowers.

"The Queen is furious that she has to spend her twilight years mopping up horrendous headlines about how Meghan plays the USA press all while her family keep crawling out of the woodwork", a source told the publication.

The girls, students at Lycée Qualifiant Grand Atlas which is located beside the boarding houses, responded saying they wanted to be teachers, doctors, and engineers.

Although royal protocol may have been the biggest reason why Middleton did not attend the baby shower, she may have missed it simply because she and Markle are not good friends.

The colour scheme featured pastel colours with a predominance of pink which may suggest Meghan and Prince Harry are having a baby girl. He also remarked that British people pay the Royal Family's salaries, so many feel like they have a "vested interest" in how they live their lives.

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The Duchess of Sussex was seen making a beeline towards Rania, five, and Rayhanna, two, who had been patiently waiting for the royals in their best dresses. We wish them well. "We aren't used to seeing our royal family doing things we'd like to do", she says. And he warns that her recent adventure signals a risky blurring of lines between royalty and celebrity, claiming "Meghan doesn't know the difference".

Samira Ouaadi, 17, created the design and when the artwork was finished the duchess looked down and said: 'That's really lovely'. And he has discussed why she needs to "knuckle down and toe the royal line".

Meghan's friends - including Serena Williams and Jessica Mulroney - didn't hold back when it came to planning the flawless shower for the future royal mom.

The celebration went down at a suite in The Mark hotel, whose resident chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten is world renowned.

Earlier in the day, Meghan and Harry had visited the town of Ansi in the foothills of the Atlas mountains to meet female pupils at an "Education For All" secondary school, aimed at educating young girls across the country.