Emergency Declaration For Border Wall Could Tap Military Funds

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Now comes the mini-bombshell that the president plans to follow through with his national emergency - a ploy McConnell had advised him against doing.

McConnell told the Senate, "I've just had an opportunity to speak with President Trump, and he has indicated he's prepared to sign the bill". Presidents have dealt with innumerable crises.

Mrs Pelosi and Mr Schumer also said "Congress will defend our constitutional authorities".

Yesterday President Trump, who had not yet received the text, did not say whether he would sign the legislation. "It's been done a number of times, '" Trump tweeted. The White House had attempted earlier this week to bolster support among Trump's media allies. And they're going against it very hard and they're fighting.

"Fixing our broken immigration system is the true, long-term solution to border protection, economic security and a humane, compassionate response to people seeking safety and a better life for themselves and their families in America", he said. This week, all sides came together to hash out the spending bill that gives Trump just $1 billion or so for barriers.

And, as much as the president may like to spin this as a victory by other means, he still backed down in the face of Democratic resistance in Congress.

Democratic Senator Ron Wyden said, "I will pull out all the stops to stop this horrendous, freakish idea".

But she said if Mr Trump invokes an emergency declaration it should be met with "great unease and dismay" as an overreach of executive authority. They also expressed fear that the move would be challenged in court and could be held up until the end of Trump's term. "We are the appropriators, not the president".

Of the 31 emergencies which remain in effect, others deal with efforts to curb nuclear proliferation, drug trafficking and terrorism, the Brennan Center says.

That shutdown finally ended on January 25, after Trump announced he had reached a deal to reopen the government until February 15 with no border wall funding. And I think a lot of good points were made.

Republican supporters of the bipartisan agreement had stressed that it left Trump flexibility to take other measures to secure more funding for border barriers. Hannity and Dobbs are two of Trump's staunchest and most trusted supporters.

The White House said Trump intends to sign the bill into law.

The declaration, should Mr Trump carry it out, will prevent a second bruising government shutdown but set the President and Congress up for further clashes down the road.

To appease the President, aides and some Republican lawmakers have cast the smaller figure, around $1.375 billion, as a down payment that will eventually lead to new wall construction. Mr Trump had wanted $5.7bn for this.

If an emergency can be manufactured over border security when illegal border crossings are near a 20-year low, as measured by Border Patrol arrests, then it's a snap to make the case for an emergency over gun deaths, which are near a 20-year high.

On Thursday, however, some of those voices returned to their initial skepticism. On Wednesday, Mr. Biggs introduced a one-week spending bill he urged House leaders to pass while continuing to negotiate, according to The Journal.