At Academy Awards, Spike Lee Tells People to Mobilize Against Trump

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"I mean, every time somebody is driving somebody, I lose". "Malcom X" snagging awards for Best Picture and Best Director should've been a no-brainer.

Dressed in head-to-toe purple, and wearing a Prince medallion around his neck, Lee went up on stage with prepared notes, hand written on yellow notebook paper, and delivered one of the night's most impassioned speeches. "I thought I was courtside at the Garden", Lee explained. "Make the moral choice between love versus hate".

Numerous early awards went to African-Americans, showing Hollywood is getting the message after excluding minority groups from key roles and jobs for years.

Green Book, based on a true story of the unlikely friendship between a black pianist and his white driver touring the racially segregated US Deep South during the 1960s, also won for Best Original Screenplay and Supporting Actor, Mahershala Ali.

The screenplay is based on Stallworth's memoir, Black Klansman, and the film is nominated for six Oscars in all, including Best Picture and Best Director. It overcame Pixar's Incredibles 2 and Disney's Ralph Breaks the Internet to take the upset win for Best Animated Feature. Sony's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was also a big victor at the Oscars.

Watch Spike Lee's acceptance speech for BlacKkKlansman and see the full transcript (via the NY Times) below.

Egyptian-born Rami Malek was named best actor for his role as Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, delivering a moving speech about his story as a first-generation American.

The Best Documentary Short winners also expressed joy in the fact that their film about menstrual equality won them a trophy.

It's the second Oscar for Ali, who won in the same category in 2017 for "Moonlight". The movie's dialogue is in Spanish and Mixtec. Why didn't "great art" carry the day the very next year, but got dispensed for a film of "modest aspirations" and "an affable, unassuming tone"?

He concluded by referring to one of his most famous films: "Let's do the right thing!".

At least the turgid spectacle managed to run only as long as an average National Football League game. Peter Farrelly's Green Book won the coveted Oscar at the 91st Academy Awards on Sunday night (February 24), ending awards season and putting Bradley Cooper out of his misery (just kidding. kinda).