Ariana Grande Will Not Be Attending Grammys After Disagreements With Producers

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In the clip, which she's been teasing for the last 24 hours, Grande faces off against her double at the club and at a party, and her double is dating Riverdale's Charles Melton. In the clip, Ariana pines after a mysterious hottie as she parties with him and his girlfriend, who's basically an AG doppelgänger.

But there are more similarities between the girlfriend and Grande.

"Ariana slammed Ken on Twitter earlier this week when she shared pictures of an interview he'd given in which he claimed she couldn't "pull something together" in enough time". But there are two possibilities to the video and song's real meaning. From the poppy "NASA" to the hauntingly emotional "Ghostin", every single track gives the sense of honest introspection.

USA singer Ariana Grande attends Billboard's 13th Annual Women In Music event at Pier 36 in New York City on December 6, 2018. It's impossible not to read into it as a track addressed to Davidson in the wake of Miller's death, but regardless of the characters involved, it's a gorgeous and incredibly intimate moment amongst otherwise mostly upbeat break-up bops. However, from both her fleeting glances and the overt lyrics, it's clear she wants this guy for herself. The pop singer was quick to take to Twitter to shed some light on the reality of the situation and she's getting plenty of fan support, as well as praise from the legendary Bette Midler.

There's also one lyric that's got fans convinced it's about Pete: "Yeah, look at you, boy, I invented you // Your Gucci tennis shoes, runnin' from your issues". Picture: Kevin Winter / Staff Some fans think the song is about Pete Davidson. But some fans aren't so sure Grande isn't moving on to women.

"Ms. Grande makes valid points about the vastness of space", Kaufman told me in a very official and professional Slack DM. In this alternative, Grande is the girlfriend.

She is a true artist that takes everything she feels and makes honest, sensitive, and savage music that speaks truly to who she is and shines to all those who adore her.

The biggest week ever went to the album's title song, "thank u, next", which drew 93.8 million streams, Billboard reported.