Amy Klobuchar Looked Like A Snowman Today

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She won praise for grilling Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and attorney general nominee William Barr during recent confirmation hearings.

Klobuchar announced her bid Sunday during a snowy rally along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, where temperatures were well below freezing. For every farmer, dreamer and builder. "I am running for you".

Klobuchar joins the race as the only Midwesterner, with a Midwest strategy: Win back Midwest states that voted for President Trump.

She said leaders in Washington "for too long" have "sat on the sidelines", rather than address tough problems such as income inequality and climate change.

The Minnesota Democrat appeared on major Sunday morning news shows nine times in 2018, according to data analyzed by Media Matters for America, a nonprofit organization that tracks guests on such shows.

The announcement followed Sen. Tina Smith said to loud cheers from attendees.

"Not unusual. It's the right way to get here", said Dale Peterson, of Minneapolis.

"If you just go in your opposite corner of the boxing ring, you never get anything done", she said on ABC's "The View" late past year.

Asal Sayas, whom Klobuchar's office referred to BuzzFeed and who was her director of scheduling for three years, told the publication, "Amy was one of the best bosses I've had". As many as a dozen other Democrats have announced campaigns or are considering joining the race.

"Correct", Mika exclaimed, adding "he wouldn't even stand in the rain".

"Women, people of color, any sort of minority group, LGBTQ+", Dyalsingh said.

"She is perceived to be somebody who is willing to work across the aisle".

Supporter of Democratic Sen. Mike Madden, a St. Paul resident, described himself as an anti-war advocate and carried a sign that read, "No war 2020" and "No Klobuchar". "I am running for you".

In a year when many Democrats say their top priority in a candidate is an ability to defeat Trump, Klobuchar's words seemed - time after time, issue by issue - to target the president.

Two of her opponents, Kirsten Gillibrand and Ms Warren, have openly called for the agency to be dismantled, while Ms Harris has said it needs to be "critically re-examined".

She' set to join the 2020 presidential race on Sunday, becoming the most prominent Midwestern candidate. Recently, she pushed for Senate investigations into whether Facebook Inc. broke the law when it resisted oversight on how Russians used its platform to meddle in the 2016 presidential election.

She said she has friends of all political leanings who have supported Klobuchar, and she sees that as an advantage over the rest of the Democratic field. Some progressives say she lacks the kind of fire and bold ideas needed to bring significant change and excite voters. Trump often overlooks evidence of record global warming and conflates cold spells and other incidents of weather with climate, which is long-term. "Klobuchar's not going to have that luxury".

Though Klobuchar does not have the name recognition of some of her rivals for the nomination, she's well known within L.A. donor circles, having raised money for her Senate campaigns in the city and because of her position on the Senate Judiciary Committee.